If you want to learn how to escape security guards and are looking for a way out of the compulsory sports classes but you are too lazy to run millions of kilometres, the AS Athletics sprint will be for you. Don’t panic, you don’t have to be Usain Bolt to pass the selections. Everyone has a chance here, whether you’ve been an athlete for several years in a club or are just starting. In addition, you will find a real group and a great coach but above all: amazing vibes! You’ll still have to run a little but you’ll see: no pressure! (if like me you miss the long runs). Anyway, all this to say the AS Athletics and especially the sprint is cool and we have a lot of fun all together. Join us and maybe we’ll teach you how to lighten the sessions even more (and yes, the less we do the better we’re are)!   

Is your thing more like 1,500 meters, trail or marathon? AS Athletics middle distance is for you. If you’ve already done it or if you’re a regular runner, don’t worry, the level will be within your reach! The selections consist of 2 stages: for girls, you must run 5km in less than 25 minutes at the Feyssine Park and a 1000m in less than 4 minutes on the stadium. For the boys, it’s 7km and 1500m. Anyone can run for the selections, but the number of places in the AS is limited so not everyone is taken. Once you’re in, congratulations! It is now up to you to choose at least 2 training slots to follow during the week, which you must always be present at, as the AS counts as a class in its own. On Monday evening, it’s a long jog of 1h20 through Lyon. Tuesday evening is a track session. Thursday noon, it’s HIIT at the Tête d’Or Park. Friday noon, it’s strengthening. In addition to the training sessions, the AS organizes events such as the hour record, or the Night of Athletics. Of course, you can also perform in cross-country, competitions, run&bike, and INSA Raid for the most daring. The atmosphere is really nice and you can be sure to blossom in this AS! See you soon among us! 

Hi, I’m in AS Athletics, well I’ve been selected because the training at lunchtime at Olivier (pizza) is quite hard. Come and do the selections, if you’re good it allows you to brag at the INSA annual cross country and to get DMs (I’m kidding, it’s wrong, don’t get carried away). In reality, it’s a nice environment, except when you’re at your 50th lap, your 3rd vomit, when there’s IE the next day and you want to sleep to prepare the K-fet because yes K-fet->training->K-fet->training and all over agin. Come on, you’ll gain stamina for key moments (You know perfectly what I’m talking about!) – Mathieu Galland 

Contact them for info: Emma Clavier (sprint), Mathieu Galland/Antoine Qlve (middle distance), Elise Taillieu (middle-distance).