Hey hey! 

If you, as a newbie, have questions about this AS, here are some answers that should help you. AS Badminton is a very popular AS, but don’t panic! A lot of people are accepted! If you are or have been ranked, no problem, you are sure to be accepted. And if you have never played in a competition, the AS takes people of all levels, so you have a chance. At the time of the selection, you will participate in a great “up and down” (many games to find your level). We have one or two training sessions a week and the competitions are on Thursday evenings. You’ll do singles, doubles and team competitions. The atmosphere at the AS is really chill and people are very nice. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate, see you at the inté! 

« I hadn’t played for a long time but it was really great to get back on the court and just have fun playing! » – Hélia Belguiral 

Contact them for + info: Hélia Belguiral, Benjamin Marre