For you girls, there are 3 teams representing all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. We have matches against universities (University Women’s Championships, CFU in French) and against schools (CFE) on Thursday afternoons. Team 1 is even the French champion!!!   

For you guys, there are 4 teams. Careful, the level is high! To give you an idea, team 1 is French champion of schools and the level corresponds to the N3/pre-Nat senior. Team 2 also has a big level (pre-Nat/R2 senior). Team 3 and 4 are more chill but the level remains high (a good level R3 senior). Each team trains once a week and plays games on Thursday afternoon, with the greatest coach from INSA. If you’re motivated, don’t hesitate to come to the selections at the beginning of the year (the dates will be communicated to you at the beginning of the school year, don’t worry). 

But AS basketball is above all the best vibes! With the association Basic (managed by players of the AS) who makes us sweaters and tee shirts, which organizes us tournaments 3×3 (the Night of Basketball), restaurants (cf Flam’s) with the members of the associations and even night-outs to go see ASVEL in Euroleague at reduced prices!   

“I thought I would be selected directly in team 1 (#Boulard) but I was surprised by its very high level! It’s really cool because it gives you lots of room for improvement to evolve with people stronger than you.” – Benjamin François 

Contact them for + info: Benjamin François, Guillaume Olgiati, Alban Badin, Maxime Brun, Emma Valduga