AS Climbing is awesome!!! But why? First of all, we work hard: we have two trainings per week, plus a free access to a private boulder room on Thursday afternoons. The association is super dynamic thanks to our teacher, who is very involved in our progress and projects. We had set up two trips this year, to Fontainebleau and Italy (unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather or a certain Coronavirus). Concerning the necessary level, changes a lot according to the years, but it tends to increase a lot lately (about a 6c level). But nothing is lost! So don’t hesitate to come to the selections, it’s also an excellent way to get to know the climbing community at INSA! 

“I was a little below that level, but I gave it all and in the end it worked out.” – Timothé Sportouch 

“Motivation is an important selection factor when it comes to entering the AS Climbing. Be determined and you will have your place, even without an exceptional level!” – Thelma Barrey 

Contact them for + info: Noé Chml, Noé LeBlavec, Timothé Sportouch, Emi Chakroun, Thelma Barrey