Hello, young biz! If you’re curious about dancing let us tell you a few words about the best AS at INSA. The AS dance (if you hadn’t already understood what we were talking about) is first of all super nice people and a motivated and motivating teacher, adorable if you don’t stop yourself at her demanding personality. In addition to being very complete in practice (technical and composition courses), this AS allows you to go see various shows and participate in a lot of super enriching projects. And of course it’s a real air bubble in the classes that helps you clear your head and make friends outside of your class or your family, and in all the years at INSA. So if you like contemporary dance (it’s nice to say so at some point) come and try out for the auditions! If you’re busy you sign up for 5 to 7 hours a week, and if you’re not, don’t worry, there are ways to dance in cool clubs. Ah yes and the teacher is looking for personalities as well as techniques so don’t hesitate to come back at the beginning of the school year, even if you haven’t done contemporary dance all your life, the experience is worth the try! 

Contact them for + info: Léonie Rabiller, Nea Johsua, Carla Festa