AS Football is perfect for staying fit but also for relaxing after long days at school. Join this AS to play sports and have fun at the same time. Unlike playing in a club, the atmosphere is rather chill while keeping a fairly good level. There is one and a half hour training session and one match per week against other university teams in Lyon. Concerning the level, last year, team 1 was above the rest (you have to have played at a good regional or even national level), teams 2, 3 and 5 are about the same level (good departmental level), and teams 4 and 6 are rather leisure. But beware, there are only two teams for all 1A and 2A so give everything at the selections to be taken! 

From a feminine point of view, some of them are beginners. Joining AS football is a new and enriching experience. The level is very heterogeneous, the girls are divided into different teams, and we have one thing in common: we are all driven by a passion for football! This AS has the particularity of having a very united group, and this cohesion is particularly due to our third half that we call MTK for “Match/Tacos/K-Fêt“, our Thursday night ritual! If the trainings go so well, it’s also thanks to our coaches, volunteer students concerned about our progress, who follow us from A to Z in our evolution: technical, physical and moral support! Thanks to this AS, we have also been able to meet a lot of great friends, and that’s also the strength of the sport! Football is really a way to clear our minds from studies! And for the luckiest and most motivated, they can even take part in the French university championships, or in projects on the other side of the world! So whatever your level is, beginner, confirmed or in between, if you want to let off steam, to have fun, join us at AS football (Don’t worry, the selections are just symbolic!). There are two trainings per week (between noon and two) and very often a match on Thursday evening, followed by the famous MTK for those who want to! 

“I’m a goalie and I was able to play on the other teams because they didn’t have a goalie !!” – Gabriel Alcouffe 

Contact them for + info: Eloi Gruget, Gabriel Alcouffe, Yacout Lahlou