Yeah, it exists! Well not quite, a certain lack of golfers has not allowed us to build a team this year (rip), but it’s on your shoulders, little biz, that the resurrection of this largely underrated sport rests… so come and prove to us that you handle the drive as well as the saber! To make a long story short, AS golf is not yet in place. It has existed for a few years, but the problem is mainly due to the fact that it is complicated to evaluate. So, since you can’t really be graded on your golf skills, you’re still going to have to take EPS classes like the rest of the mortals (golf = sport? it will remain an eternal debate…). Training would take place on Thursday afternoon, at the Chassieu golf course. Everything will depend on the format the AS will take, but you should be able to take part in two or three tournaments during the year (we’re counting on you to bleed the enemy, no quarters and cheating allowed). As far as your equipment is concerned, you’ll be happy to live with your bag all year round. What could be more pleasant than having breakfast in front of your putter? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find a place of choice for him in your 16m² palace. If you don’t have your own equipment, INSA provides it. If you have a very good level and you really want to improve during your studies in Lyon, find out more about the SHN and what they can offer you, you never know… And if you ever need more information about the AS or contact us! 

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