You’re more of a split, round-off, somersaults kind of guy? Welcome to AS Gymnastics. It’s Monday lunchtime (12h-14h) and Thursday afternoon from 12h30 to 16h (whenever you want). If you make the selections (#inshallah), you join the men’s or women’s team. What’s great is that you will be able to meet other INSA students as well as STAPS and university students. In leisure, you have access to the gym (STAPS) only on Monday lunchtime. You will sometimes be able to see our colleagues who are doing rhythmic gymnastics, don’t panic, it’s normal. Honestly, try the selections because the level is broad. Don’t forget the competitions, which are still rare (between 1 and 3 in the year)! So don’t hesitate, we’ll do little routines together 😉 ! 

Contact them for + info: Alice Dubois (who did the AS without competition (that’s a real pirate;) ), Gianni Marotta