• Time slot: Thursday afternoon   
  • Trainings: it depends on the weather! If the weather allows it, we go out rowing, otherwise physical preparation.  
  • Selection: open to all  
  • Level: regional / national 

Hi! So, you don’t know which AS to choose? You’re still hesitating? I’ll try to help you choose! AS Rowing is a bit different, indeed (unless you are 100 to ask this year) there are no selections so even beginners can come and learn how to row. It takes place at the lake of Miribel (which is incredible between us) where is ASULthe club that welcomes us. If you’ve never rowed before, rowing (not to be confused with kayaking, I can see you coming) is really not bad! It’s a very complete sport (it works a lot your arms, I have to warn you), you can develop your coordination and endurance. If you have already rowed in a club (and you have a good national level) BRIL also exists for you!  

Honestly I know that when you don’t know anything about it, it may not sound like a dream, but frankly you will be pleasantly surprised, it’s an opportunity to try a new sport for you 😉   

« As a beginner you learn fast and it’s fun. » – Antonin Kulyk 

Contact them for + info: Pierre Bridier, Antonin Kulyk, Matthieu Duval, Antoine Bailly, Jean-max Rodriguez