Hey psst little biz, you like rugby, you like friends, you like beer and sausage, then AS Rugby is made for you. CHAPS is the name of AS Rugby. It’s the biggest sports association of INSA with 4 men’s and 2 women’s teams, impossible to miss them. Whether you have 15 years of rugby behind you or are simply attracted by the oval ball, join us! I assure you, from university champions to novice fighters, there is a place for everyone. Animated by the matches on the move or on the INSA meadow, the local meals and/or barbecues, places of cultural exchange and high gastronomy (a beer and sausage) the association is super active. So don’t hesitate to come and taste the pleasure of the matches on the campus field, to defend the reputation of the Chap’s at the K-fête and to join the most beautiful, not the most magnificent, sports association! As we feel you’re super motivated, contact us!!!

“I used to play 7s. At the INSA, I discovered the 15.” – Theodore Cugniere
Contact them for + info: Sandro Chaverot, Morgan Fromentoux, Mathis Hybord, Theodore Cugniere, Arthur Edmond, Basile Alix, Othello Chiarella