Hey you, triathlete desperate to leave your beloved club, to walk into a school and hear people ask, over and over again, “triathlon? That’s the thing about cross-country skiing, right? “You have the chance to join a school where a certain number of fans of the triple effort study and train! Your trained eye will be able to distinguis them, whether it is by their not-so-elegant technique in the ranks of the AS Swimming (what’s the point of having a correct style, if putting more strength allows you to advance and sink the competition at the same time? Quite a strategy) or their FF Tri flocked t-shirts. With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to see them slip away on Saturday morning on their bikes, heading for the Monts d’Or and their 20% slopes (we’ve already seen more practical than stalling a bike in a 16m^2…). To join this beautiful community, nothing could be simpler: present yourself to the selections of the AS Athletics and Swimming, specifying that you intend to do both, and then that’s it! No, not quite: you still need a solid minimum level in these two disciplines to pass the selections and survive the training sessions, but everything should go well. Be careful, it will depend on the number of places and people who stop! Once admitted in these AS, you will have access to two 1h30 training sessions per week in swimming, and four training sessions in athletics: enough to occupy your already busy days while waiting for the creation of an AS Cycling. It’s great, already because the teachers are really cool, and especially there are several of us in this case. There are all levels, so we’re never really alone, there’s always someone of our level to run and swim with us, hence making great encounters. Finally, all these slots allow us to adapt our training to our workload. So don’t hesitate any longer and join us!

Contacte them for + info: Lauriane Mascaro