2h of compulsory non mixed training per week + 2h on Friday mixed lunchtime to improve (RIP IE on Friday afternoon)

Obligatory match on some Thursdays (about twice a month), very often at home but it is not excluded that we can play elsewhere.

If you already have a good level, you can take a refereeing course with the INSA and referee games and make some money to finance your pints at the K-Fêt.

AS volley women 

  • Time slot: Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm this year but it can change from one year to another
  • Trainings: a little physical preparation at the beginning of the session but nothing too difficult, then targeted exercises according to the sessions. Often, we finish the last hour with a match.
  • Selection: it’s better to have already done it in club before to be sure to be taken. If you’re just starting out, come and try the selections, there are a few who only started at the beginning of the year and still made it through! After the selection, we are divided into the 3 teams according to our level.

AS volley men

  • Time slot: Monday evenings from 6pm to 8pm for teams 4 to 6 and from 8pm to 10pm for teams 1 to 3
  • Trainings: for teams 1 to 3, trainings are more competition oriented while for teams 4 to 6 it’s more chill (but don’t overdo it, you’re here to train)

 Selection: 6 teams in total which are made according to the level at the beginning of the year (team 1 almost only SHN (High Level Sportsman of INSA) so high level, but to integrate teams 4, 5, 6, no need to be pro, you just need to have some basics and want to progress)).

“Alternatively, you can join the Proteam association and come to the Friday night session where friendly matches are held (perfect to get your feet wet before the K-fet or the pub crawl). It’s always a good opportunity to take your mind off things, so warm up your buddies, get your team together, and see you on the court!” – Manon Champagne
Contact them for + info: Manon Champagne, Julien Bonneval, Yasser Issam