Play ball in the water and avoid Lyon’s winter? Why not water polo?! I see you coming, we were several ignorants and yet here we are in AS water polo! How is it possible? The levels are divided into 3 teams: those who have never swum, those who already have some swimming experience and those who have a crazy level. Beginners and former swimmers who are tired of counting the pool’s tiles are welcome! We are mixed with other universities in Lyon and all INSA promos so it’s clearly a plus. There are still two trainings per week but very few competitions so it’s still chill. The coach is a former pro. So do not hesitate to start, I assure you it’s worth the try!

“Team sport and quite physical, you won’t find better combo elsewhere!” – Alexis de Lorgeril
Contact them for + info: Emilien Marion, Neil Sadiky, Nicolas Guy, Alexis de Lorgeril, Jade Bonnelle