You may already know it, but INSA has a very active community life, with more than 130 associations on campus. Hundreds of people get involved all year long to practice their passion or to organize events. Between sports, culture, solidarity, science or reading, there is something for everyone! 

The associative life :

But if you don’t feel like doing sports, don’t worry, you will always be able to find your happiness somewhere:

Photo, video : Graines d’Images, La mouette
Arts : Les Lézarts
Music : KLS, la Band’ass
Computer science : Cod’insa
Writing, reading: L’insatiable (the INSA newspaper), the manga club
Events : 24h of INSA, Bal, Gala

And these are only a few examples! You will be able to find a guide listing them all when you arrive on campus and there will be a Thursday afternoon presentation of all the cultural associations at the RI. 

But if you are too impatient (I can understand), we give you this link where you can spend hours and hours reading all the information on all the available associations… or just look at the ones that might interest you.

If you are interested in a sports association, I invite you to click here for information:

Otherwise, there is a magical place next to the BoE that all wizards had the best time at last year… The legendary K-Fest of course! The perfect place to take your mind off of a failed IE.  
This student bar is really the perfect place to unwind with your buddies.   

If you didn’t understand what the BoE was in the previous paragraph, we’ll explain it right away! It’s the Student Office, and a place where you can also get involved if you want to. To summarize what they do in a few words: they offer you your best student life. 

It offers several services such as:  

  • The COOP, our student grocery store where you can go to buy your supplies and food directly on campus, and at pretty low prices.   
  • The sale of laundry tokens and the rental of various appliances (pancakes, raclette). Again, we’ll explain all of this in more detail when school starts. But if you want to know everything, don’t hesitate to check this link
  • The INSA Shop, the clothing store where you can buy caps, T-shirts, sweaters and many other things with the INSA Lyon logo or the famous rhino to play the bg game!  

In addition to the services, they also organize the main events on campus such as the Gala, the Ball or the Raid. I let you check this link for more info! 

For example, the BdE teams are going to prepare a nugget for you (like us the CdP) and a wonderful WEI !