So here is an ultra important page! Impossible to pass without reading it! I’m talking about the dedications page. And yes, the website team also has the right to its share of dedications (the annals team has some competition…). In short, it’s a concentrate of love, thanks and incomprehensible references. A real treat to read ūüôā

Hi, little bizs!  

I hope you enjoyed browsing the website. It gives you a taste of what’s to come, even if, you’ll see, it’s 1000 times better to be there. You don’t even know how much we’re looking forward to welcoming you!¬†¬†

Well, now, let’s go to the dedications:¬†

Thank you to my mentor Leelou to have made me integrate the Merens: nudists, I love you <3 <3 Titouan, best cobiz! Big heart on the CDPutes (even if I pretend to love you) and especially the Golden Triplet, I don’t know what my year would have been without you.¬†¬†

Martin, my spiritual twin, my (passable) rock partner, day after day you never stop surprising me and making me laugh. I love you my favorite drama queen <3 (#humas on our anniversary, couldn’t be better).¬†

Thanks to Lise for putting up with me every night at the turne and taking me back with you pro year I can’t wait!!!¬†

Big thought for my godmother Jess, love u crazy bitch (you’re my model !).¬†

Cheers to the ap√©ro team. I will miss the tavern…¬†¬†

And finally, I couldn’t finish without talking about the best list by far: the TLS, I love you <3. I will never forget the nights of the team costumes, the crazy evenings at Pierre’s and especially this incredible week of campaign in hyper sexy combies. We killed it!!!¬†¬†


Good evening biz, 

Isn’t our site really beautiful? Yes, I’m very proud of my team, I hope it was useful to you, in this case we have accomplished our mission and I’m delighted. We killed it (in your teeth Aim√©).¬†

I know you’re going to love it at INSA, little biz, and I can’t wait to meet you.¬†

I’m getting into the dedications:¬†

A big thank you to Craps, my mentor, who gave birth to the Crapsette I have become simply by drinking pom’potes. Thanks to the ACE for this crazy int√© and to the lineage of the heart for these evenings without direction which were witness of many dingueries going from the pony to the improvised haircut of Caca. To finish with the miffs: KHAKHAKHA! KHAPTORS (that blood).¬†

Leuna, I love you. Thank you for this year in 224, all our confidences and our intense depressing moments.¬† You put up with me (my pan flute and my back and forth) and for that you deserve more than the love I have for you. I’m going to go <3.¬†

Ylona, my love from group 18, I’ll never catch you in the dino game (seum for Marianne) but I won’t leave the anti Patoche league.¬†

TOUDOUDOU, TOUDOUDOU. How to make a dedication without talking about THE list: THE BOB MARLISTE, the one who succeeded even with a most capilotracted name to impose itself as a master. I am proud. Kisses to all these corpses (especially those who chose their side, I love you). 

To finish, how can I thank those who made my year shine without mentioning Ma√Įma√Į and my 5 sublime friends. Theo, I hope that one day you will love me as much as your skis and your pok√©s. Thank you for being there. Zucci, Rick, Vador, Kook and Salakis, I think I have only one word: sisters. Nothing more. I’m your bitch forever and even if I’m bitching because you’re late to the party (that’s my little CRS side) I love you all.¬†

To you my pledges who are coming, get ready, it will not be easy (I love you too). 

 Marianne aka Cat 

I hope you enjoyed the site and that you’re looking forward to coming to Insa! Anyway, we can’t wait to meet you!¬†

You’ll see the Insa is above all a lot of great memories!¬†

And for that, I thank first of all Margaux, my mentor, who between us is the best, but you can’t say it! To the time when we missed the after croissant because we fell asleep before, to our line meals where we got (many) free fries and to Shushu the most beautiful fish! And don’t forget our superb lineage (don’t forget you Tanguy!) and our crazy ideas (the gouache is not for the basic body it seems)!¬†

Thanks also to the miff, the Bonz, with lots of great people, quality bizs (even if some of them are a bit crazy) and to our Friday nights in 316!  

Then huge thought to the Saloon, to our ski weekends, to the meetings in 411 and to the shootings in the middle of the night! Insaloon is the best combo (feat. Larissa <3) 

Not forgetting the G7 and especially the alcoleau, jsp if we are the quietest class in amphitheatre but at least we have fun!  

Dedicated to the 7 fingers of the hand and to Maeva (courage to support me during the pro year!!) and to our outings in Lyon!  

Dedicated to Julie and Sixtine without whom the inté would not have been so fun! 

And finally a big thank you to the best coturne to have supported me because between the times when I was sick and those when we had to store all the boxes of the Saloons it was not always simple! 

That’s all for me, good luck biz you’ll see you’ll love it!¬†

Pepew (aka Kenza)

Hello dear reader of this site (or rather future biz)! 

Welcome to this site that will give you a lot of information about the crazy year that awaits you. I hope your senior year went well. Take advantage of these vacations to rest (#tremplincalcul), because once you’re at INSA, a lot is going to happen, I tell you. Come on, I hope you’ll be in shape, we’re looking forward to making you live a memorable int√©.¬†

The moment of the dedications: 

Dedication to the best miff, I named the DJACKIZZ! A worthy inté to lose the voice and many meals around a good ZZ prayer. Thank you especially to the toasts to have supported me as well with the yuck as with the third of floor. 

Big dedication to the group 19, the best simply. Great meetings, a year that we won’t forget (#ouiounon). A small family in short and it results from it the best group of people with whom to spend these many days not always easy…¬†

By the way, dedication to the coffee machine of the Louis Neel building for saving me many afternoons. 

Huge dedication to the best list, the IN’Salade-Tomate-Oignons! #(sometimes we were called the Ins’anesthetistes). Crazy moments, crazy creations, a week of campaign that never ends in short a crazy experience with crazy people without whom I could not have written this dedication.¬†

And to finish, a dedication to my future bizs, I can’t wait to welcome you and make you live a dream int√©!¬†

Thomas aka Rince

Hey, are you guys looking forward to coming to INSA and sharing with us a crazy year? In any case, this superb site made me want to do my first year again (no need to hurry either). 

Now, enough talking and let’s start the love:¬†

To begin with, big big up to the BEST of the mifs *INSANE MOTHER FUCKER* with a special attention to the lineage that makes the best raclettes in the universe. Lots of big kisses to the most chow godfather Coco and the best Co-biz Liam. By the way the biz to the Daph, Roro, Selim and I pass. To all our evenings at 5C and to keep it going HEALTHY! 

Talking about the bests, lots of love for the cream of the cream of coturne I named L√©a aka sacred cow : bodysummer according to BMC and little gossips until the morning… we’ll do it again the year pro !¬†

Big heart on the EURINSA *best sector*(Yes I speak english, small dedication to the strong grp)(Sorry to have made a LITTLE noise in the lecture hall…) The 101 are not number one for nothing you are the Best! But above all, love to the people who manage to put up with me and my shitty jokes: Rouillaliceurinsa (kroco at heart) who will finally find herself among her family and mivhane. I wait for you the year pro with banana, bibi and ICETEA to sing the new lyrics of the rap of the interior (RIP insa, huma, kapta and especially rip josy)¬†

A must, the Kinders of 4pm ET 30 which allow to shorten long TP of physics (even chemistry tkt we signed the discharge…) by speaking food, enormous big up to the “tkt we go out 10 min” of 3pm to 5pm ET 15 on the steps of the BU with the Saint-Gr√Ęle of the pastry the *cookie of the coffee shop*.¬†

I also salute the discovery of the velov subscription and our outings with the Versaillaise, shopping, parcel pickup or tacos at 2am #besttransportationmeans.  

Without forgetting, those without whom none of this would be possible I call who : INSALARESCOUSSE the craziest cardboard list! Special mention to the Resc concerto, next SOS at the auditorium ūüėȬ†¬†¬†

Finally I send a lot of love to my future biz, you are the best ! Only 1 advice : have fun !!! 

Love u !

Loulou aka Ziz

Dedication to the G2, the best group of the INSA, don’t hesitate to follow @lesinsabrutis on insta and spend some time at 3C¬†¬†

and of course to the piou piou, to all our hours spent to get out our worst reviews, I love you ! 

Dedicated to the best cothurne, Camille, with whom I did the best shots (we will remember Amsterdam :P) 

A thought to Eric, my favorite Indian chef! 

And let’s not forget the TLS, the iconic list that rocked the whole NHI during the campaign. Big heart on you, and thanks to my Rosita (a quality resp)¬†¬†

Lucie aka the female agent of the Woohp 

Hello my little trainers ! 

First of all, congratulations because if you are here, it’s because you managed to enter the great family of INSA Lyon (the best one, let’s face it!). You’ll see, we’ve prepared a crazy party for you! Can’t wait to meet you my little bizz <3 !¬†

Now, it’s time for the dedications:¬†

Obviously big heart on Idiri, the best mentor who did everything so that Aim√©, kisses to the best cobiz by the way, and I felt like home from the first days. Dedicated to G13 I love you. A thought to the experts who worked on the GO2 and Gumgum city with me haha (BerBerMarMar + Guigui boss), to the crack on the kneecaps and his patience to answer all my questions and to carry me in evening when I regret to have wanted to make the chick with heels, to my beber in the square, to the best partner of TP, to the inhabitant of acorn street of the drop. Big heart on my pref bitches Jade and Hania (Greg also little bitches I don’t forget you). Of course dedication to my hors insa pref who supported me all year. And then without forgetting the TLS with whom we managed the mission like never before! Tututu tututu, hello Jerry, ready to go in?¬†

Bertille, aka Mandy, head bitch, and sofa keeper

So already, big dedication to my bizs, I don’t know you yet but I already know that we’re going to get along well, I wish you already a good int√© and a good return.¬†

Big dedication to the sexap, miff of madmen who wanted to redeem me, big dedication to Tristan, the persevering guy (7 months chackal) and to doudoux, the associate, to Michel and Melisse my cobizs (Michel resp!!), to Axel the detracos, the coturnage is going to be legendary, to the integrated and to the non-integrated, to the 2A who have well khalass at the int√© (askip. …), to Hugo the rat, I hope we’ll have a “no ski night” one of these four, to the “sus” guys, you’ll recognize the 3 concerned and especially, the best for the end, to Antoine, aka the best friend, aka super bulgar, thank you for all my reuf.¬†

Big heart on the G7, I hope we will continue the alcohol meetings next year, just to remember good memories with a small aperitif or a small corner, who knows. A thought to Elsa, Marie and Pepew who had to go to the olive tree every Thursday to “please us”. We think very hard to Joris and his phobia of seals (I never believed in it), very shaky indicator of success after each IE, to El-wafa, the most suspicious guy I’ve been brought to know, I hope you’re not going to be “fooled” again, to ilyes, I hope there’s still no problem for you. Big heart on Noam, aka Nono, think to stop complaining and you’ll become a perfect guy and finally big big up to EL NUMERO UNO/ VEINTIQUATRO (we don’t know too much), I hope you’re not going to be too mad at us if we keep on stalkerizing next year, I promise it’s for very important information…¬†

Big up to the Saloon, the most motivated list, which carried well. Insaloon is my list, insaloon is Joris 

And to finish, big up to the trigger and all his band of crazy, it was a great year in coturnage, in the company of this energetic, representative of the rare Bordeaux of INSA Lyon, big thought for having to support me when I worked until 2am during the week, “uh ah, I arrive as a cobra”.¬†

Seb, aka lemon paic sensitive skin, aka toto 

What tal van mis bizs!? I don’t know who you’re going to be, but I’m sure you’re going to be amazing! I hope that you will enjoy the incredible experience that we have given you.¬†

Huge dedication to my list because we are here thanks to all of you and especially to the super bot TLS! You are incredible some more than the others (Merlin deso but you’re not in it) and also to the parties at Pierre’s place (Laperche of course). Dedicated to his place because I will miss you !¬†

Dedicated also to my miff Tijuana, I know what I would have done without the miff meals every night …. But especially to the second year Tijuana, thank you so much, you are amazing !¬†

Thanks also to the 101 Eurinsa, the new 104 with more than half listed and the only Eurinsa class without a shirt ! 

And also thanks to the latino bitters for all the “ameros” we speak.¬†¬†

Carlos, aka agent WHOOPER, aka carlitros

Hi guys 

First of all, if you come across this page, it means that you are a giga-cracker for digging deep into our beloved site ? 

First of all, if you think that the mentoring questionnaire stinks of defeat, it’s partly because of me, but know that I don’t give a damn about it, we had a lot of fun.¬†Secondly, if you think that pok√©mon stinks of defeat too, you have missed your childhood.¬†Thirdly, I don’t think you’re ready for the interview we’re preparing for you.¬†

Well, now it’s time for the dedications, even though you might not be very interested.¬†

Dedication to my mother for bringing me into the world. I make a big dedication to all the moms of the other CDP without whom we could not have so many beautiful children. Otherwise big big up to all the sexap a mif of deglingos which clearly dominates the inté (the cottons I do not want to know anything). We had a great time and a very cool year I love you !!!! 

I now turn to the list of bogosss who are as good on an operating table as they are on a corner table, the Insanesthetists (you won’t be able to pronounce it big time). A list with whom I have so many memories and especially so many good friends because of it. ¬†Kisses to the zoners who are clearly on top, Tim the biggest FAS raccoon, PO who managed to conquer the pyramids and the salakis sheep who wins the LDC every season. ¬†

Big kisses to the G19 as incredible as terribly soft (bastard we are only 2 with Roro) and to all these evenings with 3. Finally kisses to all my friends, Marie the chick with the most exploded karma Marco my future coturne (I hope you’ll bring back beasts of couscous), and still many others who will recognize themselves. ¬†

A lot of people would like me to do a little “enflamm√©” but it’s dead, no way¬†

Good morning ADRIEN (and no nickname we are not at the chicha) in real AD or Adri is cool

Hi little biz!

I hope you like this website which is, let’s face it, legendary.
I also hope you like the mentoring questionnaire freshly made by the wonderful Adri, Marianne and me (if you find the hidden word you are a boss).

Enjoy your quiet summer because your life will change! The INSA is a real dinguerie I promise you!
First of all, for the families, big dedi to the cottons, named best family 2021, these big fools always ready for a ladle (# the triple triple) or a baby: they never stop!

Then, for the CDP lists, a little thought to the Totaliste Spies (tah the TLS) who made my year again! Laughter, tears, love and crazy memories! I love them (especially the costume team in my heart).
Then also for the classes, this is for you G8, between Laure and Titi, this year was memorable ! Big heart on your little heads :)) And then to my 4 pref squatters and our unforgettable Tuesday evenings: Andr√©a, Enora, Maxime and √Čric (story to be continued next year…).

But above all to the whole campus atmosphere and to all the first years, the listed, the CDP; between the Friday nights, the avenues 45, the campaign, the 24h, the ball…: in short you’ll see the events it never ends!
And finally to my future pledges, know that I already love you and that you are not ready to join the craziest line of the INSA (# the line of the hospital).
See you soon :))

Ambre aka the first degree