INSA and its surroundings

Hello little trainer! You’re about to join the world of pokemons, and you’re wondering what there will be to do around this beautiful world that is the INSA? Don’t worry, you’re about to arrive in the “best” (lol) city in the world (and I say that in all honesty #paslyonnaisdepuistoujours). I’ll give you a little recap of everything that’s there to make your year even sweeter…


If, like many people, you thought that Paris was the capital of gastronomy in France, you are wrong young trainer, Lyon is undoubtedly the capital of gastronomy. Many great French chefs such as Paul Bocuse (to name only the most famous of them all) are in Lyon, and you will find exceptional restaurants everywhere in the city. After that, you have to come back to reality, because as a student you only have a few pokedollars (₽), but there is always a way to enjoy the gastronomy of Lyon. I suggest you try the famous tarte à la praline (a delicacy), the famous quenelles (even if in real life it’s overpriced) and the delicious pâté en croute.

  • First : let’s talk about the famous INSA restaurant (RI). This restaurant is the main canteen of the INSA, this is where you will eat most of your meals thanks to your student card that will allow you to pay the canteen every month. If you have too much money on your card and the end of the month is approaching, don’t worry, there are other restaurants at INSA where you will be able to spend your money on your student card much too fast, but you will find out soon enough…
  • Second : el famoso Chamas Tacos ! This taco near the INSA is probably the most frequented by the insaliens (you’ll quickly understand why), but be careful not to go there too much, because chasing Pokémons with +15kg is not really crazy. If you’re a picky eater, I recommend you the marinade in the same genre (I’ll let you read about it).
  • Third : The Flams. This all-you-can-eat Flammekueche restaurant is a must that you will have the pleasure to discover with or without your miff (don’t worry, you’ll see what I mean).
  • Fourth : The Carrefour market (le carrouff). If you are part of the shiny (the elite) who know how to cook in 1 m², you will find your happiness there.

Of course, you will be able to find MacDO, KFC, BurgerKing and many other fastfoods and restaurants of all types in Lyon, but I’m not going to give you the whole list because frankly, I have more interesting things to tell you (I still advise you to go to croix rousse if you are the gourmet type).

Culture :

Lyon is a beautiful city full of culture. You will quickly realize this, provided that you get off campus (which is likely to be quite rare). Whether it’s in the old Lyon with its festive atmosphere, its magnificent buildings and its stores that attract tourists; on the peninsula where you will find plenty of stores to buy your best mittens and your best dresser’s cap; or in Confluence, a really stylish place with a huge museum, very design, you really have something to enjoy! And let’s not forget Fourvière, the basilica that overlooks the city, where you can go and see beautiful sunrises/sunsets, with a view of the Alps. Although it is difficult to find the time and motivation to go out of campus, I strongly advise you to visit Lyon during the year, it is worth it!

Well, as far as the campus is concerned, I have to admit that it is not very beautiful… but it is still located in Villeurbanne, capital of culture in 2022 (that’s not nothing). In the heritage of Villeurbanne, we can mention the Théâtre National Populaire, which is very well known for its programming, and the Astroballe which hosts the ASVEL games.

Sports :

If you think that hunting Pokémon is a sport in itself, I don’t have much to say. Well, if like 3/4 of the insaliens your thing is running, there are two big parks around the INSA, where you can do your monthly jogging, the Feysinne (it’s the closest) and the Tête d’Or (clearly the better of the two). Don’t hesitate to check the descriptions of the sports associations (AS), you will certainly find your favorite sport. Lyon has the big advantage of being at the foot of the Alps, so if you like hiking or sliding on snow, you’ll love it.

Shopping :

I’m not the king of shopping but I know that to find your best clothes, you can go to Part-Dieu, Confluence, Bellecour, rue de la République (or rue de la Ré for those who are intimate with it), you’ll find all the big brands and you’ll be happy, but if you’re more of a vintage style, thrift stores, small boutiques, it’s more in the old Lyon.

Transport :

Well, we’re not in Pokémon where Sacha’s teleportations don’t make any sense, but in Lyon we’re lucky enough to have 4 metros, 7 tramway lines and 100 bus lines, that’s the TCL network, which covers all of Lyon, Villeurbanne and its surroundings.

If you come from the countryside, #FC Campagne RPZ (you’re not the only one), you might have a hard time, but in reality it’s very practical to get around Lyon, you can really do everything without a car.

In your everyday life, you’ll mostly use the T1 tram that runs through the campus, between the La Doua-Gaston Berger stop where there’s the RI (one of the INSA restaurants) and the residences of your favourite CDP (and of all the 2As in fact), and the Croix-Luizet stop where there’s your residence if you’re in turne, but also the course buildings.

You’ll quickly understand that we walk a lot on the campus like our favourite trainers, so if you’re not a sportsman: get your wallet ready in case there’s a controller.

Otherwise, I really advise you to take a Vélo’v subscription at the beginning of the year, it’s super practical to come back from shopping (and from the evening too) and it’s not expensive.

Lyon by night

Whether it’s on the quays or on the peninsula towards Bellecour and Hôtel de Ville, Lyon has no shortage of bars of all kinds where you can pay for a pint that’s way too expensive (you get used to K-fêt prices) but with a beautiful landscape in front of you (Lyon, the most beautiful city in France, got it). And there’s always a way to meet people there! There are also lots of nice clubs that you’ll have the pleasure of discovering before you turn 25.

There are plenty of activities to do in the evenings near the campus with your mates: for example the Laser Game or an Escape Game.
And an event not to be missed is the Fête des Lumières with your family (hmmm which one?).

If you’re listed, you’ll have the chance to do some list laser games. But if you’re not elected, you’ll be able to comfort yourself with class trips or with your friends. It’s always cool to walk around Lyon: the city is huge for country kids and there are plenty of places to discover.