Who are we ?

If there’s one word you can’t escape when you get here, it’s CdP. I’m talking about the Comité de Parrainage (Sponsorship Committee). Basically, the CdP are a group of 100 insaliens elected the previous year to organize your inté. There are lists (7 last year) of 25 people each. If you follow and you are good at maths, you will have understood that 4 lists are elected. 

This year, the elected lists are those of the Rois de la Gliste, the CDPompoms, the Alistocrates and the CDPêcheurs. (If you stalk a bit, it will help you understand the profile pictures of some 2A). 100 people working since March just for you! So, when you arrive on campus, don’t hesitate to come and say hello (you’ll easily spot us with our beautiful orange T-shirts).

This year it’s a bit special with the health context, for what happens when you arrive check this page. Otherwise we were a dozen to make the site, and most of the others took care of making you beautiful summaries of the 1A program.

IMPORTANT: The following definitions are mostly second-degree (apart from some rather important terms that are seriously defined).

Our Beautiful Lexicon :

It starts with a...

2020: “It’s gonna be my year” they said
24h of INSA: See “COVID-19”
2A: Une personne en 2ème année (qu’a validé)

AD: Admis direct (straightly admitted) in 2A or in 3A
After: Gastronomic italian restaurant serving mainly pasta with pesto. Often open from 2am.
Aladdin: The 2A for your first year
Alcat’: Freestyle Moulagaufre in the tubs
ALISTocrates: Why are you shaking ???
Améro: AMERINSA evenings: where reggaetton and fondos reign supreme
Amphi: Amphi, BU, K-Fêt
AS: Association Sportive (sports association). For more info : check the dedicated page
ASINSA: The maths bosses
Aviat’: Not to be confused with asiat’

BAC 2020: Where’s your BAC ???
Building A: Who took the rock out??
Building B: See “Fire alarm”
Buildings C-D: Your goal is to sleep there (in 1A it’s better).
Bazoom: I’m not talking about video conferencing…
BdE: Bureau des Elèves : (Students Council): it weighs in the game
Bizuth: Affective expression referring to you as a big first year biz

Bleaching: Or how to be blond for 6 months #WISC #WESKI

BMC: Your new home: it’s the INSA library.
Boom K-Fêt: See “Friday morning”
BU: Amphi, BU, K-Fêt

Caddie: Your boat at 2:00 a.m. for an after
Campagne: Best week after the inté
Camping: Next year’s theme (don’t mess around guys)
Captain Morgan: See “Water”
Carte étudiante: Pay for your pint
CdP: See “Boulard”
CdPasElus: See “Seum”
Chopper: Mononucleosis
Chouille: See “COVID-19”
Co-biz: Only the real ones have one
Coffee shop: When it’s time, it’s past the time
Confinement: See “COVID-19”
COVID-19: Cause of the worst S2 of all time

DDR: Dis Donc Régis

Ecocup: Steal them all !
École d’été: the SS (summer school relax yourself)
Eskimaux: Eskimo (/ˈɛskɪmoʊ/ ESS-kih-moh) or Eskimos are the indigenous circumpolar peoples who have traditionally inhabited the northern circumpolar region from eastern Siberia (Russia) to Alaska (United States), Canada, and Greenland. Today, the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) is composed of approximately 160,000 Inuit people living across Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Russia. The two main peoples known as “Eskimo” are the Inuit—including the Alaskan Iñupiat peoples, the Greenlandic Inuit, and the mass-grouping Inuit peoples of Canada—and the Yupik of eastern Siberia and Alaska. Also refers to the best party of all time Pêcheurs x RDG
EURINSA: I’m breton nobody beats me

FAC: Amphi, BU, Amphi
Famille: The people you eat dinner with every night at RI. 6:00 isn’t 6:01
Fermat: Pierre de Fermat building : basically you go there for the amphis (or not)
Festival: see “24h”
FIMI: Formation Initiale aux Métiers d’Ingénieur == prépa
Flam’s: The sweaty bail

Fire alarm: BEEEP BEEEP

Fire detector: BEEEP BEEEP

Fondo: Fast. Efficient.
Fotiadu: Very hard to pronounce

Friday Morning: Nice sweet headaches for great classes

Gala: See “COVID-19”
Gallion: See “Perroquet Bourré”
Game of Gones: See “COVID-19”
Glisteux: Motivés
Groupe 7: 3 chances out of 4 to validate your year 

High-Five: See “COVID-19”
Humas: Inté dancefloor

IE: Interrogation Ecrite (written test)/Before K-Fêt
Ingénieur: Différent
INSA Lyon: First wish
IUT: If you don’t validate, you know where to go…

Jack: You during your inté (not to be confused with Jackie)
Jean d’Alembert: Classroom building to the left of Fermat (well, it depends on which side you’re on)
Josie: The bro
Jury: The last judgement

Karma: Day after a K-Fêt night
Kermesse: Nez A
K-Fêt: The student bar on campus (your future paradise)
KLeSon > slip

Le phare de l’insa: The flagship element of the campaign ([at]lepharedelinsa)
Lignée (line): For meals of high quality
Limousin: Your best dance
Lyon: Best city 

Majeur: Middle finger of your hand
(To) Major: Overrated

NDMI: The best memelords meet there to have a clash between INSAs (Lyon is always above of course)

Olivier: from carglass
OUH OOOH: Alarm call

Pangolin: 2 3 soleil
Parrain/Marraine: Dad/Mom
Partiels: See “Trancheuse à saucisson”
Patrick: The website resp
PC: The lawn between the courtyards buildings
Pêcheurs: Or the art of doing an incredible silly salmon
Perroquet Bourré: The saturday night K-Fêt
Phénix: Firebird living in the Flam’s cage
Pirate: The theme of your crazy inté
Plan B: IUT
Plan C: FAC
Plan Q: A/B
PomPom: 2 pommes  
Pom’potes: Your potion for the WEI
Post-Partiels: In a Y position at 11h30
Powers: See “Hors-Budget”

QCM (MCQ in English): Sunday night drive copy

Raid: See “COVID-19”
Rallye: He’ll start here and will finish on the floor
Rats: The garbage men of A-B
RDG: Amphi, BU, K-Fêt
Régis: CEO of the building
Rhino : Embleme of INSA Lyon #Radioactive
RI : Restaurant Insa : traditional and world-wide cuisine

Salle d’ét: Still not cleaned up
SCAN: We’re not printers
Seum: See “CdPasElus”
SOS: Quicket than UberEats
Soude: The INSA olympic sport
Sport’et: Privileged repeat offender

TCL: To validate is overrated
Tramway: To not confuse with Treyway
Trancheuse à saucisson: Doesn’t validate mechanical design
Traquenard: The word summing up your Thursday evenings
Travées: “Temporary” classrooms since 1960 (hopefully they’ll be destroyed before you get there) #NotThatHotInThere
Triple K: The magic potion
TTT: If they tell you that, it’s because you’re a good one…
Turne: Warm place of 16m² in which you’ll love cooking pasta casseroles and doing apéros (this is your room in case you haven’tunderstood)

UE: See “TCL”
(U)Rhino: See “Rhino”

Vacances: See “COVID-19”
Vendredi matin (Friday morning): “Ça fait BIM BAM BOOM dans ma tête ya tout qui tourne”

Week-end de miff (family week-end): See “COVID-19” (or not #TW)
WEI: It means Integration Week-End. Remember to take your place by clicking n the link at the top! For your sake, I hope it won’t rain… #WEI2019
Wiedmann: Staggered class hours

X: 24th letter of the alphabet

(en) Y: Friday morning
Yack: Hard time for the Yacks

Zig-zag : Retour K-Fêt
Ziket’: Musique étude
Zimbra: Son of Mufaza