Hey oh Pirate, you ‘re about to discover the mysteries of the murky waters with the INSA Black Pearl. But where you got fooled is that, well at INSA we are humanist engineers (you’re gonna hate CSS), not sailors, so the boat has stayed in port right next to THE BEST CITY in France (it’s ok I didn’t say “of the world”). 

So, you, coming from afar lands, leaving mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends, aunts, house, tents, cows (if you come from really far), well you get it, I’m not gonna write everything. In brief, you will certainly leave a small town, to go to a big city where you don’t know anybody, except maybe the friend of the sister of the cousin of your mother, in case of “problems”, but don’t worry we survive far from our parents. But if you are a bit stressed and you don’t know what to take for your new luxury apartment, go and check the tab concerning your turne (mettre lien). In the meantime, I’m gonna try to describe you all the activities which you’ll be able to do in Lyon (enough of work)! 

We’re far from the palm and coconut trees, but the atmosphere of the playa is the same, you won’t be unhappy ! 

Food (the most important)

I should have put “gastronomy”, but since you didn’t pass your BAC, you might be illiterate (it must be the 15th joke you read about it but you have to understand us, it’s too easy).

And yes, Lyon is the capital of food (source : the ones from Lyon), between Paul Bocuse, Mathieu Viannay, La Mère Brazier … (thank you google) we are on good products, but as none of us has the budget to eat there, we will make you a presentation of the ACCESSIBLE places.

  • In number 1, the one and only, it is the RI (INSA Restaurant). This fabulous restaurant is none other than the INSA canteen, and this is where you will eat most of your meals thanks to your student card. Why is it here? Well, because you have to pay for the canteen, and when you pay, you eat. Actually, there are other restaurants on campus, look at the map if you want to know more, but the RI is still number one 😍.
  • In number two, theeeeeee Chamas Tacos! This Tacos near INSA is probably the most used by the insalians (and you’ll quickly understand why) but a piece of advice, avoid taking a subscription if you don’t want to go home with 15 kg more.
  • In number 3, the Flams. This all-you-can-eat Flammekueche restaurant is a must that you will discover soon enough!
  • And in number 4, the Carrefour market. If you’re one of the elite who can cook in a 1m2 kitchen, you’ll find plenty of supplies there!

Of course, you’ll find MacDo, KFC, BurgerKing and many other fastfood or real restaurants in Lyon, but as I don’t have time to describe everything, you’ll go and visit with your family or your coturne during the inté!

La Culture

Well, okay, Lyon is the city of gastronomy. But not only that! And yes sailor, like any big city, Lyon abounds in cultural activities of all kinds. Between museums, theatres, Roman ruins, cinemas, concert halls, or festivals, you will have more than enough to occupy your weekends and enrich your culture. Just check https://www.lyon.fr/culture , or ask your family to find the activity of your dreams!


Well, we just received a Zimbra e-mail from INSA stating that all sports activities related to piracy were forbidden, but don’t worry we made it all up for you. You’ll find among all the AS (“Association Sportive”) the different pirate sports, I won’t list them here Lena bothered herself doing it for me, so go read the AS section. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the different AS of INSA, you can always find a club in Lyon to do your favorite piracy activity.

I reassure you, you can still go for a walk or even run for the most reckless at the Feyssine Park (see Google Maps) and the Tête d’Or Park (because that’s not all but you’ll have to eliminate all those gastronomic feasts).

If, like Jack, you like being chased up into the mountains by a group of cannibals, the mountains are not far so you can also participate to the ski outings organized by INSA associations (for really cheap, lent equipment) in The Arcs, MéribelCourchevel...

Lyon remains a lively, dynamic and sporty city where races of all kinds are numerous, so don’t hesitate to look for information! 


Well I personally don’t care, but you can go to Part-Dieu, Confluence, Bellecour, rue de la République (or rue de la  for the regulars), you’ll find all the big brands and your happiness, but if you’re more into vintage style, second-hand shops, small boutiques, it’s rather in Old Lyon, but go check before cause wallah I don’t know about it. 


As France’s most beautiful city, Lyon offers you all types of transport at almost any time of day.

The tram that passes on your magnificent campus (it takes you 15 minutes to get to the Part-Dieu station) and even between the two pirates’ residences (if your coturne doesn’t snore, you’ll have the pleasure of being rocked by the tram tracks at night) before stopping just a few steps away from the RI; so you can either validate every time like a nice pirate, or you can play the pirate for a while before you get checked and pay 60 bucks for your Prévert sandwich (and it hurts for a Prévert sandwich, believe me).

Otherwise, as in all big cities, there are several metro and bus lines, but also a Vélo’v network for a really cheap year-round pass. 

Lyon By Night

This is your moment young pirate, at these late hours several K-liT (read “qualité”) activities are offered to you in the city, as well as on campus.  

First of all, without leaving the port, as you might have discovered, the INSA K-fêt is a good compromise to drink rum (it’s more like a beer), in the company of your favorite Pirates. You’ll meet new people who will take you through the night. 

But if you’re more of a freebooter than a pirate, you can go out of the island and find yourself in the city you must ‘ve already had the chance to visit. 

As for Lyon by night, if you’re looking for an early chill, head up to Fourvière for sunset. 

Afterwards, if you’re more the sociable type, I advise you to redirect your boat on Bellecour or Hôtel de Ville, you’ll find a multitude of souls as lost as you are. 

But if what you’re looking for is to have fun with your crew until the end of the night, you have the #quaisduRhône riverbank parties, or you can take a trip to the famous Perroquet Bourré before ending up in one of the Lyon clubs #AzarCestLoin #Boat #LoftClub. 

Finally, if you’re still awake and fit at 5:00 am, in summer, wait for the sunrise.