Main events

“Hey you, there! Don’t go! Wild PokIEs are infesting the campus! You need some Pokie events to protect you… I’ve got it! Follow me!”

You’ve heard about them…you’ve dreamed about them…after two years of absence…here they come again!!!

At INSA everything is a good opportunity to celebrate. Here we present you the biggest ones but remember that there are always things to do. Click HERE to find the calendar of the associative life of INSA Lyon, where you will find a summary of all the events with their dates.

“Some Pokévénements only appear at certain times of the year”

Les 24h de l’INSA

It’s the biggest student festival in France, it’s above all the 24 hours of iconic races since 1972 (cycling, triathlon and running). It’s 3 nights of incredible concerts with 3 different stages and 25 artists who will make you spend a magical moment. And it’s also more than 70 free activities of all kinds (cultural, sports, for people of all ages) throughout the campus during the 3 days of the festival. All this ends with a magnificent and traditional fireworks display.
I know it sounds like a dream, so you’ll have to be quick to get your tickets because they go very, very fast.

You can also check their website HERE.

“Gambler’s minute! Let’s see which one of us has the best atmosphere!”

The Bal

We’re playing it a bit American on this one, so you’ll have to get out your best evening wear and accompanied by your date you’ll be able to enjoy a crazy evening. Maybe you can try to catch a pokécrush with your love ball (you got the pun right)

“Your Pokevents is filling up. That’s great!”

The Gala

The Gala is the last evening for the fresh graduates after five years of INSA (hello SHN who repeat and take ten years instead of five). But because we know that, like all good freshmen, you love to cultivate the good spirit and the humanistic spirit (#DifferentEngineer), we have no doubt that you will volunteer to help organize the Gala. As an orga, you will be able to add your stone to this great edifice and give a little of your time to treat the older ones. Come on, motivate yourself, it’s a great experience to live, and after all, it’s only an exchange of good practices with the future 1A who will know how to treat you when it’s your turn… at least we wish you that!

“Player! Congratulations to you! You are the new Master of the Pokevents League!”

The Karnaval Humanitaire

The Karna ? For a whole week, on your campus, you will be able to find concerts, workshops and conferences in a joyful and good spirit. Believe me, it’s a good plan to change your mind between two revision periods. Tents, stands, participants will offer you a pleasant distraction with the return of the first sunny days (believe me, you’ll be waiting for them in March in Lyon). And on top of that, all profits will be used to finance a humanitarian project.

The High Five

Imagine if we gathered all the schools of dressage in France in a single event. This is the principle of the High Five. It brings together the 7 INSA through numerous sports competitions and cultural and scientific meetings. It’s a bit like a Pokémon championship where you can represent your training school to the best of your ability and put your title of best trainer on the line.

The Raid

This is for the most adventurous, the most daring, the most robust trainers. Accompanied by a team of three people, you will be able to try the adventure during 3 days with the most extraordinary tests the ones than the others: running, bicycle, kayak, climbing… A council, if you want to try the raid, it will be necessary to train as of September.