Hey there!   

If you’ve landed here because you’ve been admitted straight into second year, here’s how it’s going to work out for you:  

Unlike the first years, you’re not going to live in buildings A and B but in buildings C and D with the 2A’s (second years). Your promo group is not the same as them, so you won’t be a Jack but an Aladdin! Click HERE to join it. 

For the inté, no need to dress up, you’ll live it as 2A. But you will still have a sponsor to explain how INSA works to you, so don’t forget to fill out the > QUESTIONNAIRE < 

This site will still be useful for you to know the different events, what to do when you arrive… Don’t hesitate to look at the site to learn more and I hope it will answer a maximum of your questions!   

Since you didn’t make the WEI 2019 (you weren’t there, you’ll tell me), you’ll also be able to participate, so click on “Get your WEI spot”, places are limited but it’s a cool event you’ll see!