Sports Associations

Hello Pokémon trainers !

Now that you’ve left your father/mother, and that you don’t have anyone to cook you good meals… We know very well that pasta is likely to become your only food (and I speak from experience…) ! To keep your figure, you’ll have to get moving to become a Pokémon Master! Considering the choice you have, you will inevitably find the sport that suits you best !

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Physical Education : 

At the INSA, sport is very important. Sorry if you’d rather hide than put on your trainers, but you’ll have the right to two hours of sport per week (and yes, it’s compulsory and graded but don’t worry, everyone is valid). You have a choice of several very diverse menus with endurance, team, individual and dual sports. If you are a bit lazy, I recommend archery! (You don’t even have to dress up for sports).

However, for the smart ones who particularly like one sport, you can enrol in AS Competition (see below) and you will be exempt from PE.

AS leisure :

The AS loisir is for the “strong but not too strong” Insaliens who wish to continue a sport without pushing themselves too hard (the list is long, but sorry we haven’t created the Pokémon go association yet). If you’re in a recreational AS you’ll still have PE lessons. All you need is a 39€ licence and you’re in. If you have any specific questions, I invite you to ask them on the Facebook group or to all your favourite CdP.

AS competition :

To you, the trainers with a raging cardio and fiery legs who love a sport, we recommend the AS Competition! The advantage of these AS is that you won’t have any more PE lessons (2 hours available compared to your class). Don’t dream too much either, you will be graded like everyone else, and this status of competitor is obtained after selections. They take place at the beginning of September and are really different in all the AS. But don’t worry, you can still start a new sport if you do well. If you are accepted, you will have to pay your FFSU licence of 54€.
Another advantage for the most daring and motivated among you: you have free access to the gym to complete your physical training (smart, especially if you already know that you will never make your subscription to the gym next door profitable). In team sports, the teams classified by sport level play either at national or regional level. Finally, it’s an opportunity to meet a lot of people, because you can find all ages, from the 1st to the 5th year.
We have prepared a short description for each AS, take a look at the ones that interest you. If you still have questions about a AS, don’t hesitate to ask them on the Facebook group or to send a private message to the students mentioned for each AS (via Messenger or Facebook).

Now you can look at all the AS that exist and believe me there is no shortage of choice!


If you want to learn to run like Usain Bolt or if you’re looking for an escape from compulsory sports classes but are too lazy to run a million miles, AS Athletics Sprint is for you. Don’t panic, you don’t have to be Usain Bolt to win a selection. Here, everyone has a chance, whether you have been practising athletics for several years in a club or whether you want to start. In addition, you will find a real group and a top coach, but above all a great atmosphere! You’ll still have to run a bit, but you’ll see that sprinting is rather quiet (well, if you skip the long sessions like me). In short, all this to say that AS Athletics and especially sprinting is cool and that we all have a good time together. Join us and maybe we’ll teach you to lighten up your sessions even more (and yes, the less you do the better you feel)!
On the other hand, if your thing is more the 1500m, the trail or even the marathon, the middle-distance AS is made for you. If you have already done it or if you are a regular runner, don’t worry, the level will be within your reach! The selections consist of 2 stages: for the girls, you have to run 5km in less than 25 minutes in the Parc de la Feyssine and a 1000m in less than 4 minutes in the stadium. For the boys, it is 7km and 1500m. Anyone can apply for the selections, but the number of places in the AS is limited so not everyone is taken. Once you’re in the SA, congratulations! It is now up to you to choose at least 2 training slots to attend during the week, which you must always attend, as AS counts as a subject in its own right. This year, it was: Monday evening, long jogging of 1h20 through Lyon, Tuesday evening, track session, Thursday lunchtime, split in the Parc de la tête d’or and Friday lunchtime, PPG. In addition to the training sessions, the AS organises events such as the hour record, or the Athletics Night. Of course, you can also perform during cross-country races, competitions, school run&bike, and the Raid de l’INSA for the most daring. The atmosphere is really nice and you can be sure to blossom in this AS!  See you soon!

Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

Lucie Huvey


      Slot : Thursday afternoon
      Trainings : it depends on the weather ! Weather permitting, we go out rowing, otherwise physical preparation is on the agenda
      Selection : open to all
      Level: regional / national

      You don’t know which AS to choose? Are you still hesitating? I’ll try to help you make your choice! The rowing club is a bit different, in fact (unless there are 100 of you this year) there are no selections so even beginners can come and learn to row. It takes place at the Miribel lake (which is really stylish between us) where ASUL is located, the club that welcomes us. If you’ve never done it, rowing (not to be confused with kayaking, I can see you coming) is really good! It’s a very complete sport (tututu it’s not an arm sport I see you coming), you can develop your coordination and your endurance.

      Honestly I know that when you don’t know anything about it, it might not sound like a dream, but frankly you’ll be pleasantly surprised, it’s an opportunity to practice a new sport for you.

      Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

      Carlos Lopez / Larissa Miranda


        If you, little biz, are wondering about AS Bad, here are some answers that should help you. The AS Badminton is a very popular AS, but don’t panic! Many people are accepted! If you are or have been ranked, no problem, you’re sure to get in. And if you’ve never competed, the AS recruits people of all levels, so you’re bound to get a chance. At the time of the selection you will participate in a big up and down. We have one or two training sessions a week and the competitions are on Thursday evenings. You will play singles, doubles and team competitions. The atmosphere at the AS is very chill and the people are very nice. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate, we’ll see you back at school! 

        Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

        Alexandra Bataille / Adèle Sivré


            For you girls, there are 3 girls’ teams representing all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. We have matches against universities (Championnat Féminins Universitaires, CFU for those who know them well) and against schools (CFE) on Thursday afternoons. Team 1 is actually the French champion !!!

            For you guys, there are 4 teams. Be careful, the level is high ! To give you an idea, team 1 is the French school champion and the level corresponds to N3/pre-Nat senior (basically, they drop big tomars). Team 2 also has a high level (pre-Nat/R2 senior). Team 3 and 4 are quieter but the level is still high (a good R3 senior level). Each team trains once a week and plays matches on Thursday afternoons, with the most KliT coach of the INSA. If you are motivated, don’t hesitate to come to the selections at the beginning of the year (the dates will be communicated to you at the beginning of the school year, don’t worry)

            But the AS basketball is above all the best atmosphere! With the association Basic (managed by AS players) which makes us jumpers and t-shirts with the effigy of the AS, which organizes 3×3 tournaments (the Night of Basketball), restaurants (cf Flam’s) with the members of the association and even outings to see the ASVEL in Euroleague at reduced prices!


            Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

            Rafig Gain


                If you want to beat all your opponents in Pokémon battles, I recommend AS boxing.

                AS Boxing accepts many people: both people who have never boxed and people who have done combat sports. There are few competitions in AS boxing, about 2 or 3 in the year. Training takes place mainly at lunchtime.

                Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

                Myriem Heas


                    Hi young biz! If you’re curious about dance, let us tell you a little about the best AS at INSA. The dance AS (if you didn’t already know what we were talking about) is first of all a lot of nice people and a motivated and motivating teacher, adorable if you don’t stop at her demanding look. In addition to being very complete in the practice (technical and composition classes), the AS allows you to go and see various shows and to participate in many enriching projects. And of course it’s a real bubble of air in the classes which helps you to clear your head and make friends outside your class or your family, and in all the years at the INSA. So if you like contemporary dance (it’s good to mention it at some point) come and try the auditions! If you’re accepted, you’ll sign up for 5 to 7 hours a week, and if you’re not, don’t worry, there are ways to dance in nice associations. Oh yes, and the teacher is looking for personalities as well as techniques, so don’t hesitate to come back, even if you haven’t done contemporary dance all your life, the experience is worth it!

                    Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

                    Juliane Fraisse


                        AS Escalade is on fire!!! But why? First of all, we are always busy: we have two training sessions per week in gyms, plus free access to a private bouldering room on Thursday afternoons. The association is very dynamic thanks to our teacher, who is very involved. Trips, notably to Fontainebleau, have been organised in previous years (I imagine it was great haha!) Concerning the level needed, it varies a lot from year to year, but it tends to increase a lot lately. Those who entered this year had at least a 6c level for the boys and 6b for the girls, but as the gyms were closed this year I don’t know if the level required will stay that high! So nothing is lost! Don’t hesitate to come to the selections, it’s also a great way to get to know the INSA climbing community!

                        Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

                        Charles Pissard-Maniguet / Tim Dufour


                            For pony fans, there are two choices: competition or leisure. For the competition programme, a minimum of 3 competitions per semester is required in order to get a grade at the end of the semester. For the leisure program, no competition is compulsory but you will always have the right to enter competitions if you wish. The classes take place in clubs around the campus, once a week, when you don’t have classes (often on Thursday afternoon). The atmosphere is pressure-free, the participants are passionate and when the weather is nice it’s a real treat! So, no stress, if you’ve never done it before, this is the opportunity to jump in! You will also have the possibility to take your gallop at the end of the year if you want to, the practice is validated during the competitions and the theory test takes place in the lecture hall. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us on Messenger!

                            Check the site for more info


                                AS Foot is perfect for keeping fit but also for relaxing after a long day at work. Join this club to play sports and have fun at the same time. Unlike club football, the atmosphere is chill but still at a fairly good level. There is one and a half hour training session and one match per week against other university teams in Lyon. Concerning the level, last year, team 1 was above the rest (you have to have played at a good regional or even national level), teams 2, 3 and 5 are about the same level (good departmental level), and teams 4 and 6 are rather leisurely. But be careful, there are only two teams for the 1A and 2A, so give it your all at the selections to get in!

                                As for the girls, some are beginners. Joining AS Football is a new and enriching experience. The level is very heterogeneous, the girls are divided into different teams, and we have one thing in common: we are all driven by a passion for football! This AS has the particularity of having a very close-knit group, and this cohesion is in particular due to our third half which we call MTK for “Match/Tacos/K-Fest”, our Thursday evening ritual! If the trainings go so well, it’s also thanks to our coaches, volunteer students who care about our progress and follow us from A to Z in our evolution: technical, physical and moral support… they are there for us! Thanks to this AS, we have also been able to meet a lot of great friends, and this is also the strength of sport! Football is really a liberation from studies by clearing our minds! And for the luckiest and most motivated, they can even participate in the French university championships, or in projects at the other end of the world! So whatever your level, whether you are a beginner, an experienced player or somewhere in between, if you want to let off steam and have fun, join us at AS football (don’t worry, the selections are just symbolic!). There are two training sessions per week (between noon and midday) and very often a match on Thursday evening, followed by the famous MTK for those who want it!

                                Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

                                Merlin Vouillon / Pierre Ferraton


                                    Yeah, it even exists! Well, not quite, in fact, a certain lack of manpower didn’t allow us to set up a team this year (rip), but it’s on your shoulders, little bizuth, that the resurrection of this largely underrated sport rests… so come and prove to us that you can handle the drive as well as the sabre! To cut a long story short, AS golf is not yet in place. It’s been around for a few years, but the problem is that it’s complicated to evaluate. So, as you can’t really be graded on your golfing skills, you’ll still have to take up sport like the rest of us (golf = sport? that’s an eternal debate…). The training sessions would take place on Thursday afternoon, at the Chassieu golf course. Everything will depend on the format that the AS will take, but you should be able to participate in two or three tournaments during the year (we’re counting on you to bleed the enemy, no quarter given and cheating allowed (ah no c fo)). As for your equipment, you’ll be happy to live with your bag all year long. What could be more pleasant than having breakfast in front of your putter? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find a place for it in your 16m² palace. If you don’t have your own equipment, the INSA provides it. If you have a very good level and you really want to improve during your studies in Lyon, find out about the SHN programme and what they can offer you, you never know…


                                        Are you more of a grand-squat, round-off and salto? Welcome to the AS gymnastics. It’s Monday lunchtime (12-2pm) and Thursday afternoons from 12:30pm to 4pm (whenever you want). If you pass the selection (#inshallah), you join the men’s or women’s team. What’s great is that you will be able to meet insaliens but also STAPS and university students. In leisure, you have access to the gym (STAPS) only on Monday lunchtime. You may sometimes see our colleagues doing GRS, don’t panic, it’s normal. Honestly, try the selections because the level is varied. Don’t forget the competitions, which are still rare (between 1 and 3 in the year)! So don’t hesitate, we’ll do some routines together!

                                        Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

                                        Perrine Lepelletier



                                            AS Handball is the best, my friend! A very chill atmosphere and a big cohesion in all the teams, and between teams. The two coaches are really nice but still demanding. No matter what your level is, it’s super easy to find your place in the AS and to make lots of friends! Finally, some useful information: training is on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings depending on the team you join (5 men’s teams and 3 women’s teams) and the matches are every Thursday afternoon! For the girls, training is common to all 3 teams, which allows you to progress very quickly. (To know in which team you will be, go to the selections which will take place at the beginning of the year!) Be careful, as in most sports, the men’s selections are tighter but everyone has a chance! At the women’s level, there’s something for everyone, from club level to beginners. It’s Jeff who will become your new daddy, so whatever your level, don’t hesitate to come and see us at selection!

                                            Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

                                            Thomas Chavot


                                                Hi young bizuth! If you practice judo or if you want to try it, SKIL is for you! The C(K)ombat Insa Lyon Sports Association brings together judokas of all levels, from beginners to experienced competitors. You will have the opportunity to train within a dynamic group, some of our members being part of the regional, national and international elite, and to go with us to the different university championships. And of course, all this in a friendly atmosphere, the life of our association being punctuated by many events: trips (Japan in 2019, Paris tournament in 2020…), integration courses, local meals… without forgetting the Kfêt aperitifs. If you do AS in competition you will have to do sambo wrestling too but you will see that it is very nice and there is a good atmosphere in competition and there are medals to get (and even the cup as in 2022!). So don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

                                                Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

                                                Pierre Laperche / Luc Vanderhaghen / Mathys Désesquelles


                                                    If you swam a lot before the INSA and you want to continue to swim a little, the AS swimming is made for you (even if it is limited to 2 trainings per week). You can also join the AS if you didn’t swim much before and you will be able to progress, but to be taken it depends on your times at the selection (and the times of the others). The level is quite heterogeneous. The AS swimming is a great atmosphere with Nico, our super cool coach who is there to put you in a good mood. Throughout the year, you have competitions (about 10, including the French University Championships at the end of the year). In addition to all this, you just have to pay a small fee to the Insaquatique association (2 euros for membership with VA card, 4 euros without VA card, then 2 euros for entry, 20 euros for the semester or 35 euros for the year) to go swimming every Saturday from 2 to 4 pm on campus.

                                                    Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

                                                    Rose Lamarche


                                                        Hey psst bizuth, you like rugby, you like mates, you like beer and sausage, then AS Rugby is for you. CHAPS is the name of the AS Rugby. It’s the biggest sports association at INSA with 4 men’s and 2 women’s teams, impossible to miss. Whether you have 15 years of rugby under your belt or you are simply attracted by the oval ball, join us! I assure you there will be something for everyone, from university champions to novice brawlers, there is a place for everyone. The association is very active, with matches on the road or on the INSA field, local meals and/or barbecues, cultural exchanges and fine food (beer and sausage). So don’t hesitate to come and taste the pleasure of matches on the campus pitch, to defend the reputation of the Chap’s at the K-fêt and to join the most beautiful, no, the most magnificent sports association! As we feel you are super motivated, contact us!

                                                        Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

                                                        Charly Bono


                                                            You too often hear that tennis and squash, “it’s the same, it’s a racket sport”, and it drives you crazy! We are all the same in AS Squash. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be particularly good and the atmosphere is crazy! (I confess, there were only 4 of us in my group at the end) Last year, there were 2 groups of level. Of course, competitions are compulsory for everyone. You’re not going to complain too much, there must be 4-5 in a year on the spot. We don’t know about pressure. ATTENTION: this AS is more expensive than the others (60€ more) but there is no need for equipment: everything is on site (even if it is always better to have your own equipment). You can train on Thursday afternoons (25min walk or 10min tram or bike ride). So, what are you waiting for? Try your luck!


                                                                The first thing to say is that there is a great atmosphere among the students and you feel good. Also our coach influences a very good training dynamic. Moreover, you have to know that the selection is not easy. If you are in the second series, no worries, you will be taken directly. If not, at the beginning of the year, a small tournament is organised where only the best will be taken. As far as training is concerned, there is a compulsory session on Mondays or Tuesdays at noon which lasts about 1h15. Competitions take place on Thursday afternoon. They can be individual against other schools or we organise the matches ourselves. There are also team competitions and recently we have had the opportunity to have a padel tournament.

                                                                Facebook contacts if you want more information:

                                                                Pierre-Olivier Terrier

                                                                    Table tennis

                                                                    Sport means agility and speed! Why not Ping Pong (sorry table tennis…)? Join us every Monday from 6pm to 8pm! On the other hand, we prefer to warn you that our AS is one of those with the least competitions. These are tournaments between the universities of Lyon, then we have selections and official competitions. They can be by teams of three, individuals or doubles (mixed or not). Finally, generally, the classified and the unclassified are separated. But don’t worry, you won’t have time to get bored! Different “projects” are given to us: website, help to the RIC (association of INSA snowshoes) …

                                                                    Facebook contacts if you want to have more information:

                                                                    Tom Bodard


                                                                        If you want to combine sport and precision, the AS archery is for you with its 4 hours of shooting per week, slots for shooting in your free time and some university competitions. During the week, there are two 2-hour training sessions with coach Stéphanie on Wednesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 3pm. The competitions take place on Thursday afternoons a few times a year on the INSA campus with the other universities of Lyon in order to reach the French University Championships which take place in January. To be selected in the AS, take your equipment if you have it and come and shoot at 10, 15 and 18m in the shooting room of the campus to show your level, a few places are available each year. Motivated to start or ready to improve, come and join this group of 25 people of all ages, all departments and all levels!


                                                                            To you, triathlete desperate to leave your beloved club, to arrive at a school and to hear yourself ask, again and again, “triathlon? It’s the cross-country skiing thing, isn’t it?”, rest assured: you have the chance to join a school where a number of triple effort enthusiasts study and train! Your trained eye will be able to discern them, whether it’s by their gruff technique in the AS swimming ranks (what’s the point of having a correct style, if putting on more strength allows you to both advance and sink the competition? Quite a strategy) or their FF Tri t-shirts. With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to see some of them sneaking off on Saturday morning on their bikes, heading for the Monts d’Or and their 20% slopes (we’ve already seen more practical than fitting a bike into a 16m2 room…). To join this beautiful community, nothing could be simpler: present yourself to the selections of the athletics and swimming AS, by specifying that you intend to do both, and then voilà! Well, not quite: you need to have a minimum level in these two disciplines to pass the selections and survive the training sessions, but everything should go well. Be careful, it will depend on the number of places and the people who stop! Once you’re admitted to these AS, you’ll have access to two 1.5-hour training sessions per week in swimming, and four in athletics: enough to keep you busy until the creation of a cycling AS. It’s great, first of all because the teachers are really cool, and secondly because there are several of us in this situation. There are really all levels, so we are never really alone, there is always someone of our level to run and swim with us, making great encounters. Finally, all these slots allow us to adapt our training to our workload. So don’t hesitate and join us!

                                                                                Volley ball

                                                                                2 hours of compulsory single-sex training per week + 2 hours of mixed training on Fridays to improve (rip the Friday afternoon IE). Compulsory matches on some Thursdays (about twice a month), very often at home but it is not excluded that we can play outside. If you have a good level, you can follow a refereeing course with the INSA and referee away games, and make some money to finance your pints at the K-Fêt !

                                                                                AS women’s volleyball

                                                                                Time slot : Tuesday evening from 6pm to 8pm this year but it can change from one year to the next

                                                                                Training: a bit of physical preparation at the beginning of the session but nothing insurmountable, then targeted exercises depending on the session. We often finish the last hour with a match.

                                                                                Selection: for the AS competition, it’s better to have already done some in a club beforehand to be sure of being taken. If you’re just starting out, come and try your luck at the selections, there are a few for whom this was the case at the beginning of the year and who passed anyway!

                                                                                After the selection, we are divided into 3 teams according to our level.

                                                                                AS men’s volleyball

                                                                                Time slot: Monday evenings from 6pm to 8pm for teams 4 to 6 and from 8pm to 10pm for teams 1 to 3

                                                                                Trainings : for teams 1 to 3, trainings are more focused on competition #ChauffageDeBanc while for teams 4 to 6 it’s more chill (but don’t abuse it, you’re not here to be idle either)

                                                                                Selection: 6 teams in total which are made according to the level at the beginning of the year (team 1 almost only SHN (Sportif de Haut Niveau de l’INSA) so high level, but to integrate teams 4, 5, 6, you don’t need to be a pro, you just need to have a few basics and to want to progress!)

                                                                                Facebook contacts if you want more information:

                                                                                Aimé Volpato


                                                                                    Playing ball in the water and avoiding the winter in Lyon? Why not waterpolo? I see you coming, several of us have never touched it and yet here we are in AS waterpolo! How is this possible? The levels are divided into 3 teams: those who have never swum before, those who already have some swimming experience and those who are too hot. Beginners and former swimmers who are tired of counting the tiles are welcome! We are mixed with other universities in Lyon and all the INSA classes, so it’s clearly a plus for the atmosphere. There are still two training sessions per week but very few competitions so it’s still chill. The coach is a former pro. So don’t hesitate to start, I assure you it’s worth it!

                                                                                    Facebook contacts if you want more information :

                                                                                    Kentin Pela

                                                                                        Unsupervised activities

                                                                                        This is for those who already practice a sport (in a club for example) and who wish to participate in university competitions. You will always have the possibility to ask if your sport is not in the list (if your sport exists within the FFSU). For example, wrestling or ultimate can be found in AS. The best thing to do is to contact the Sports Centre directly as the implementation of certain sports depends on the requests. On the other hand, this does not replace PE lessons (sorry).

                                                                                        Note: Don’t worry, you can still take part in university competitions in non-supervised sports.

                                                                                        • Canoeing
                                                                                        • Orienteering
                                                                                        • Cycling
                                                                                        • Fencing
                                                                                        The Sports Room

                                                                                        If you are sporty, you can go and push iron on campus! There are two rooms where you can go:

                                                                                        • The one of the AS in free access on certain slots for those in AS “competition” or “leisure”, in AS “competition” you will also have reserved slots (and more or less obligatory). The equipment is not incredible but there is plenty of room for serious training and progress!

                                                                                        [Note: you can take a “leisure” AS licence to have access to it if you are not in the AS! It’s clearly worth it as you’re there. (And it’s not expensive)]

                                                                                        • You have a second room which does not depend on the AS (but on the UFRAPS of Lyon 1), it is in the same place as the AS. The major difference is the equipment, you don’t have the same machines (and honestly they are better). If you want to go there, you don’t need to be in AS, you can access it for an annual fee (September-June) of 120€.