Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pirates!!! 

After your somewhat chaotic arrival (cf. inté), it’s important to stay in shape so come and move your wooden legs on the field! The selections are made at the beginning of the year so be ready to find your place in the crew. 😊 


As an INSA pirate, you have the right (I would even say the duty) to two hours of sport per week (and yes it’s mandatory and graded but hey, don’t worry everyone passes this subject). You can choose from a wide variety of menus with endurance, team, dual and individual sports.  

NB: If you are in AS Competition, you are exempt from EPS (see section about AS Competition). 

*AS means “Association sportive” in French. 

AS Loisir

The AS leisure (loisir in French) is for “motivated but not too much motivated” INSA students wishing to continue a sport without pushing themselves too much (the list is long). Pay a 39€ licence and you’re in. If you have specific questions, I invite you to ask them on the Facebook group or to all of your favourite CdP.   

AS Compétition

To register in AS competition, you have to go through selections (and yes you have to deserve such status) and then you don’t have any more EPS classes (two more hours to sleep). You just have to pay your 54€ FFSU license.

 A great advantage for the most daring and motivated of all: you have free access to the gym to complete your physical training (clever, especially if you already know that you will never make a profit on your subscription to the gym next door). In team sports, the teams classified by sport level evolve either at national or regional level. Finally, it’s an opportunity to meet people of all ages, from the 1st to the 5th year.   

We prepared a description for each and every AS, take a look at the ones you find interesting! In case of other questions about an AS,  make sure to ask them on the facebook group or directly contact (via messenger or facebook) the 2A from the specific AS (their contacts are on the AS page).

You can also check out the INSA sports booklet for more details.

Unsupervised Activities

Here, it is for those who already practice a sport (in a club for example) and who wish to participate in university competitions. You will always have the possibility to ask if your sport is not on the list (if your sport exists within the FFSU). For example, you can find wrestling or ultimate in AS. The best thing is to contact the Sports Centre directly, as the implementation of certain sports depends on the requests. However, this does not replace EPS classes (sorry).   

Note: Don’t worry, you can still participate in university competitions in unsupervised sports. 

  • Canoeing  
  • Cycling  
  • Fencing   
  • Orienteering   

The Gym

If you’re into sports, you can train with weights on campus! There are two gyms you can go to:   

  • The AS room with free access on certain slots for those in AS “competition” or “leisure”, in AS “competition” you will also have reserved slots (and more or less compulsory). The equipment is not incredible but there is plenty of room to train seriously and progress!  

Note: you can take a license AS “leisure” weight training to have access to it if you are not in an AS! It’s clearly worth it since you’re there. (and it’s not expensive)  

Contact them for more info: Pierre Bridier, Charles Le Gall , Jean-Max Rodriguez

  • You have a second room which does not depend on the AS (but on the UFRAPS of Lyon 1), it is in the same place as the other one. The major difference is the equipment, you don’t have the same machines (and honestly they have a higher quality). If you want to go there, you don’t need to have any, you can access it for an annual fee (September-June) of 120€.