Here you are young wizard, you have just been accepted at INSA and you’re about to integrate the two first years of general studies of the FIMI department. But as you may know, there are people coming from everywhere to study at INSA, and that’s why there exist different sections which we are going to present you here. 


So we start by the most represented section, we couldn’t pass over it. The classic section is the standard section in which you were admitted first when accepted at INSA, where the students follow the standard teaching cursus. There are thus about a half-thousand small pirates, that will be separated in five “lanières” (for your lecture classes, called “amphis” in French), themselves separated in groups of about 25 students for the tutorial classes (“TD” in French, this is where you will put the lecture in application). All this may look a bit complicated like that, but in fact not at all you’ll see! 

Later you will notice that some students will try to trap you in the international sections, but you need to resist to the temptation! Not only the international have good group atmospheres, far from it! Everyone tries to promote one’s own section saying it’s the best, but you mostly need mostly to go where you feel the best (in classic!). And if you ever regret your choice, you will still have the possibility of integrating an international section in second year! 

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Contact them (via Facebook) if you want more information: Pierre Bridier, Nea Joshua, Hugo Blaess, Leanne Vrl 

Sports studies

Hello young bizuth, if you read this it’s because you are interested in the chillest section at INSA. You’ll have the luck of learning how to take a nap  in any condition (you’ll see it’s rather useful in the difficult following evenings) and incidentally a bit of maths and physics . 

Well for real if we have the luck to have more free time than the other sections it’s mostly to be able to train in our respective sports (it changes from the 8h-18h in high school). 

So as to conciliate trainings and studies, the prep years are arranged over 3 years instead of 2. You’ll thus have widely the time to enjoy the student life of INSA if you want it. And most of all with the IEs every 10 years you’ll know where to go on Thursday evenings.  

In the end you do the same program as the classic and the international sections but only in more time (yes, we understand quickly but one must explain for long ) and in a different order. So, no panic, everyone is at the same level at the end of the FIMI prep and soon all different engineers . 

We are only 25 SHN (“Sportifs de Haut Niveau” = high level athlete) per promo, which is really low. So unfortunately (or not) you’ll not have the chance to know the lectures (aka naps). 

Anyway, there really is a great atmosphere in the group and you’ll be able to count on them #INSApéro. And fortunately, because you’ll have to support them for three years Finally, we almost all practice different sports, which makes us discover many other cool sports. 

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Contact them (via Facebook) if you want more information: Emi Chakroun 

Musical studies

Also called zik’et, this section gathers the elite of the INSA, for the simple and good reason that we are all musicians! If you’re a musician and you want to be able to continue to practice your passion, you’ve come to the right place!   

In zik’et, you’re not really in a section; you’ll be with 3 other groups in a classical “lanière” with whom you’ll follow the same “amphi” classes. For the TP and TD, you are with your class, only musicians. You will also have music lessons during the week: a group lesson (you can choose between jazz, singing and analysis) and a private lesson for your instrument. Weekend workshops are also offered throughout the year, in short, there’s plenty to do!  

But zik’et it’s not only that! It’s a big family (some would say a sect), which gathers students from the first to the fifth year; it’s unique moments, like the WIZ in October, all the concerts of the AMI (INSA Musical Association) every two months, the folklo in April (two folklos next year, lucky you!).

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Contact them (via Facebook) if you want more information: Théodore Cugnière, Cambyse Roncato 


Hey, bizuths! Welcome to FAS, which means: “Formation Active en Sciences” (= Active Science Studies). Active: remember this word, it’s powerful and sums up your years in FAS 

After having done nothing during your STI years, welcome to INSA! Where your karma falls on you like a reaper for having laughed at the crazy workers of S during these two beautiful years of daydreaming 

Yeah, it’s no fun, you’ll have to work… wor… what? At first it hurts but then it’s cool, you get used to it (or not). You’ll discover the khôlles. Indeed, what you tried to avoid by going to an integrated prep school rather than a classic prep school. Khôlles, that the classics don’t suffer, it’s up to them to make fun of you now when you’re on the board, empty of any reflection, knees shaking… karma. You’ll also discover the eternal K-Fêt, the “traquenardsyour lil buddies (and yes big difference with the classics, we are 25: we quickly get to know each other), the complicated Friday mornings of practical works (I remind you that there are 25 of us, so it’s quickly identified to copy the others… afterwards it’s at your own risk you know……....). But don’t worry, we’re not so different (well maybe), we have the same program as the classics. Finally, you’ll see, the FAS is cosy…We love it anyway! 

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Contacte-les (via Facebook) si tu veux plus d’infos : Mathilde Vallette 


Welcome to the Outsiders… If you meet someone that does not talk French, it’s certainly Bachelor. A program in three years, entirely in English, which specializes you in materials, mechanics and aerospace. The legend states that they work even less than the Eurinsa. But in reality it’s totally true (it’s a joke). Before last year, students of the first cycle didn’t even know the existence of bachelor while it’s been 5 years it is present, which is no longer the case!! You even have the luck of having the first ever bachelor to accompany you during your integration. Well, they’re not numerous but very open-minded so don’t hesitate to go and talk to them!! 

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Contact them (via Facebook) if you want more information: Eliot de Carbonnieres 

International Sections

🌎 If you are in an international section, it might look a bit scary like that, but in reality not only you will learn to know pirates from many different cultures, and it opens possibilities of internships abroad (maybe even a job later, fingers crossed), but in addition and mostly there is always a great atmosphere within the sections! Each one organizes events during the year (section week-end, “apéros”, …), and if you choose wisely you can even manage to have less work (I’m not pointing at the EURINSA no no). 

In the endit makes (again) a new group of friends, and on the studies side it’s really interesting! So, don’t hesitate for a second, especially since the language level required is not necessarily high. 

🌏 And yes, something important, you must suspect it but the places are not unlimited, there is a selection for each international section. Normally, you should have already done it via ParcourSup as a good sailor. If you are more in the head-in-the-clouds type, you’re lucky because you might still have time to apply (CAREFUL: you can’t ask for a new section if you have already asked for another one, so choose well!). So you can go check the links below (of course after being finished reading this beautiful presentation of your favorite CDPs 😌), which will give you other necessary information, and if you want to apply you can directly send an e-mail to the section director, it works better. 

Link to the presentation of the international sections on the INSA website: 


Let’s get down to business now: the SCAN section (standing for Sciences en ANglais, yes that’s French), also called the best section (well okay it’s subjective, but it’s also the truth you’ll realize it soon enough 😁🙈). 

Firstly, a quick presentation of the studies is needed (but don’t worry there are many other cool things, talk to you about that just after). Here, all your classes are in English ; so yes one must not only know how to introduce oneself and talk about the weather, but no worries there is no need to be fluent either (in any case, if you apply and are accepted it means you have the level, so you might as well give it a shot 😊). Thus, unlike other sections where there are English classes, here you’ll be able to keep another language class that you can choose among many possibilities, and so that’s the only class which is not taught in English (with sport). 

Oh yes one more thing! You won’t have “partiels” (final exams) at the end of the 1st semester 🎉 Isn’t it amazing? (the answer is yes obviously). An excellent way to make your buddies in classic rage, especially since you still enjoy the “post-partiels” parties 🤗, 

So, the classes are nice (yes I’m just trying to convince myself 😣), but being in SCAN is mostly having a great group spirit with your homies SCAN pirates, but also with the Aladdins since we do many things together between 1st years and 2nd yearsFirst, thanks to a questionnaire that you’ll have received and wisely filled (wisely is optional), you’ll be assigned a SCAN godfather/mother, in addition to your family godfather/mother! The more the merrier 😉 During the whole year (if there’s not another lockdownRIP to our S2), we do quite a lot of events between us: SCAN integration week-endBB on Friday evenings (kisses to Josie), Pi-day under the sun, Secret Scanta, and many more events to be entertained 😄 The SCAN section is before all a mentality, so hang in there and I hope you are ready to enter the family! 

Go and discover also the SCAN association website: 

Link for more objective information: 

Or you can send a mail to the section director: (Mister Velex, he’s a bit the SCAN daddy) 

Contact them (via Facebook) if you want more information: Guillaume Olgiati, Léna Chapalain, Hélia Belguiral, Maxime Nogue 


Let’s talk little, let’s talk good, the European section of INSA aka Eurinsa is also definitively to best section. Half the students are foreigners (well this is ideal, in fact there are a bit less) and come from all Europe!  It’s a real asset, you can discover many new cultures! After every “partiel”, we’re entitled the WEADS (Week-Ends After DS) where we all go away together for the week-end to relax🎉 The Europeas, the students bureau of Eurinsa 2nd years, are in charge of organizing us the best week-ends “post-partiels” and the integration of all the Eurinsa bizs! 

In addition to the Europeas, we have the CUID (CUltures et IDentités européennes) which is an INSA association organizing many projects across Europe et tries to promote at best the European culture on campus. There are shows and conferences all year long (and buffets at the end that are really nice 😜). 

So one must not forget about the classes, but to get started if you come in Eurinsa you won’t have all your IEs on Friday like any other section, which means that you’ll be able to fully enjoy the K-Fêt on Thursday evenings (the others are gonna rage but don’t care about them 🥰). More seriously, unlike the classic section you can study another language besides English and you’re spoilt for choice: Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russianknowing that you can start a new language from zero! Since all the classes are in French, it’s not always easy for the foreigners but fortunately there is a lot of mutual assistance and a great atmosphere! 

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Or you can send a mail to the section director: 

Contact them (via Facebook) if you want more information: Marine Méheut, Alban Badin, Armand Demasson, Grégoire Petit, Morgan Fromentoux, François Boucherie 


¿ Queremos saber si Benjamin es amigo ? I won’t spoil you but it’s the best song #AMERINSAexclusive (I put my name in it but it can work for you as well don’t worry 🤣). 

PS : the answer is “es amigoooooooo” obvio ! 

Well, I imagine that if you read this, it’s because you’re interested in the best FIMI section (and from far 😘) and you’re quite right. After this small description, I hope I’ll have convinced you to apply in AMERINSA in case you hadn’t dared doing so before. 

You must be asking yourself: “but what’s different in being in AMERINSA?” 

Firstly, half the students of the section come from Latin America and you’ll understand quickly after the first “améro” that they’re very sociable, outgoing and partygoers (these are not clichés I assure you). 

Then, what is really cool in AMER (yes we say AMER because we are too lazy to say AMERINSA 😅) is the atmosphere! There really is a true section spirit. There is a student bureau which organizes many nice events all year long: the famous WESKI, ski week-end with the whole section (you’ll have much fun seeing your latino friends that have never skied before), the themed “améros”… 

Finally, on the studies level, unlike what one could think, it’s not harder than in classic. It’s the same maybe even easier because the teachers take much more time to explain given the fact that the latinos don’t speak French that well (all the classes are in French by the way). Also, you won’t have compulsory MCQs every week like the classic and this is really nice. Moreover, you’ll do your internship at the end of the 1st year is South America and this is crazy (well not for us because COVID-19 you know)! Oh yes I forgot, you choose a 2nd language at the beginning of the year: Spanish or Portuguese (you can start from level zero, even for Spanish). 

Link for more objective information: 

Or you can send a mail to the section director: (Don’t be scared he’s cool) 

Contact them (via Facebook) if you want more information: Benjamin François, Emma Badinand, Philippine Durand 


You’re a fan of Asian culture? If so and you join INSA as an ASINSA student, it’s perfect! (And I must say: wow, you had the courage to tick the box despite the coronavirus 😜)   

One of the most important changes compared to the Classic course is the fact that half of ASINSA students will be coming from Asia (this year they came from China and Vietnam, but it varies from year to year).  

Also, this course allows you to continue or start learning either Chinese or Japanese. (You don’t need any basic knowledge; you can start from scratch).  

At the beginning of the year, you will be able to go away for a weekend just with the ASINSA (2A and bizs) to get closer to the people in your department and get to know your ASINSA Parrain (And yes, two Parrains for the price of one, it can be worth it). 


Some subjects are not taught in this course (OMSI and CE, lots of letters that you won’t have to know during your two years of FIMI, I reassure you).  Also, we have two hours of CSS per week (Cultures Sciences et Sociétés, a kind of philosophy class) only during the first year, so in the second year you’re done with it! (The Classics have 1h30 per week but for two years) As in the other international branches the courses are given in French (except for the SCANs) and in a way that all the students have enough time to understand, you guessed it, it’s slower than in the Classics (except that we go deeper into all the notions, so… You got it, it’s not always easy peasy).   

At the end of your first year you’ll have to do a one-month internship in Asia (Or in France if you’re an Asian student) (#LaPromo63PasseàCôtéDeTout #MerciLeCorona #StageEnBretagne)    

Anyway, welcome to the most oriental branch of INSA!  

Link for more objective information:  

Or send an email directly to  

Contact these cool kids (via Facebook) if you want more info: Jade Le Menn, Alice Dubois, Chiara Vonsensey, Timothé Sportouch, Enzo Ruedas