What happens when you arrive?

First of all, you go through the “chaîne de rentrée” (not to be confused with the “chaîne d’inté”, it has nothing to do with it!) to get your student card (hopefully you’re gorgeous on your picture, you’ll keep it all your schooling…)  

Then, go to the A/B building to get your keys. Finally, don’t forget to stop by the BdE stand on the PC lawn so that you can buy or get your VA card.

And yes, because it will happen quickly!








After this long journey, and when you will have settled in your dormitory (your “turne” in french, your room), it’s time to join your family on the lawn of the humas! Don’t worry, some cute guys in orange T-Shirts (us) will be there to guide you. On the lawn, you’ll be able to start getting to know the other bizs and 2As of your family in a very cool and festive atmosphere (take advantage of this because when the classes start it won’t be the same…) It’s also at this moment that you’ll meet your sponsor who will have already contacted you before. If not, go to the sponsorship stand, the CdP will be there to help you. 

Once everyone has arrived, it’s time to get down to business… Everything is described below:

The beautiful lawn of the 1st cycle where you will meet your family

Integration Chain

Then head to the input channel! There you’ll be able to do lots of games and activities, all prepared by your favourite CdPs! You can also get to know the other pledges and 2As in your family.

You can spend Monday or Tuesday depending on your arrival day. But don’t worry, you’ll also have other parties during the week to make lots of friends!

First event of the year: you’ll love the games we’ve prepared

It couldn’t be clearer, guys


I think the drawing is pretty clear, don’t force it either ?

Don’t forget to take things that don’t suck too much, otherwise you’ll regret it (and if you have glasses always pay attention to them, I’m speaking from experience), and don’t hesitate to let your imagination run free and add little accessories to make you the swaggiest trainer. And if you don’t have any inspiration, there are plenty of examples on the internet ?

By the way, don’t put it on as soon as you arrive, you’ll only need it for the party and the rally but don’t worry, we’ll tell you again.

Intergration party

Once you’ve settled in, it’s time to get down to business: the intergration party. This is the event that marks the beginning of your life as a trainer. It’s a 1h30/2h show that presents the INSA universe through a Pokémon story worthy of the greatest. It’s also the moment to show that you are the most beautiful Sacha: bring your best cap, a pair of mittens and your poké balls to capture your best Pokémon. Don’t forget to take care of your costume so that you can compete for the title of best costume.

All set? Then head to the gym with your family, sit back and enjoy the great show your Favourites have created just for you.


A show worthy of Molière’s greatest plays

Which miff will be the best?


Sunday afternoon is redneck time, one of the biggest inter-family leagues you trainers have ever seen. It’s your chance to show the whole country that you’re not just a trainer roaming the arena. You’ll come with your family to sing its praises, and then show that you are indeed Pokémon masters by fighting battles in which only the strongest of you will emerge victorious. All you need is good humour, battle cries and banners to wave proudly. So young trainers, I’m counting on you to lead your family to victory. I hope you are looking forward to all the activities the CdPs have prepared for you!

Sponsorship party

After this first busy week, we could have left you alone but no, the adventure is never over! Come to the sponsorship party! Your mission, if you accept it, is to find a distinctive sign with your sponsor (and your cobiz if you have one) and to go and show that you are the best at the K-Fêt by taking the different tests proposed by your dear CdPs. Don’t forget to stop by the photo booth to keep a record of this memorable evening!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Yes we are invading Lyon ?

The Rallye

Well, this is the only time when the whole INSA is going out at the same time, so you have to be there (you have no excuse on Thursday afternoon, there are no classes). And if you have AS, I think your coach will understand that you can’t come to this training because you don’t want to miss the Rally.

You put on your best Pokémon costume and head for Lyon to discover the city but also to battle with the other miffs by completing all the challenges that the CdPs have prepared for you. The goal: to have fun with your friends in Lyon. At the end of this day (often accompanied by the sun), you’ll meet at the Villeurbanne town hall so that the mayor can give you his best speech, but don’t worry, we know that you don’t like to have challenges, so it will be concise, the 2A’s will see to it…



What is the WEI?

It’s the Integration Weekend, which will take place on the 24th and 25th of September at Vias Plage. There, we have planned a lot of activities for you to have fun and meet a lot of people!

On the programme: the beach, the sun, the swimming pool, a crazy atmosphere… and many surprises!

Don’t hesitate to watch the Aftermovie of the Wei 2021!

Registration will be open at the end of June – beginning of July, so stay tuned to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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