Hey, kid, I see you’re interested in your future cabin. Before we look at the turnes, let’s look at the buildings. There are several student residences on campus named by letters (yeah, I admit they didn’t struggle too much naming them): 

Building A

The Eldorado of the pirates: all the lady-filibusters (in 1A) sleep there. Legend has it that some male pirates are lucky enough to sleep on the 5th floor of the building. It is located right next to the PC and the buildings where you’ll have class. In other words, you can leave your turne at 7:58 AM without being late for class.  

Building B

The Bermuda Triangle, everyone’s haunt: the dormitory of all the boy-filibusters. Located near the cemetery, coincidence? I think not. Between cold showers, toilets in full sanitary crisis and the famous fire alarm that wakes you up quite often (too often), you won’t be at the end of your sorrows! In reality, it’s cool, you’ll see you’ll love it (well except for those points). By the way, it’s just in front of the A, yes, we know what you’re thinking about but spotting scopes are forbidden (plus you have one chance out of two to see the cemetery from your window). 

Buildings C/D

Location of the Aladdins, the most beautiful, the strongest (no we don’t have the boulard, that’s not true), the survivors of a S2 in lockdown: the 2A! This is what pushes you to validate your year and pass in 2A: you gain 10m2, a real bathroom with a toilet (Hallelujah) and a semblance of a kitchen. In return, it’s an 8-minute walk to the classes. But because we’re smart, we use a skateboard or a bike. . 

Building E

Here it’s a bit different, you’ll be staying there if you’re in SHN (high level sport)! You’ll have the chance to have a really cool turne ! You have two bedrooms: one single and one double, each one has a combo desk + chair + bed + closet and with a bit of luck you’ll even have a balcony to have your best breakfast in the sun. You will have a bathroom, toilets (#batEBestBat), a kitchen/entrance (classic hot plate and you even have a sink), and the bedrooms as well. You’ll be a little bit in the center and not far from everything on campus but close to nothing. You’re next to the K-Fêt but don’t overgo there (take your AMS contribution for your best open-bar). 

The Turne's Presentation

As a newcomer to the ship, don’t expect to live in the most luxurious of quarters. Indeed, a good sailor must start his piracy training from the bottom up: la turne ! In its magnificent 16m², you and your cabin mate will be able to install hammocks and pirate gear for the whole year.

Luckily, the captain offers you the luxury of having the following equipment ready for use on arrival:  

  • A fridge  
  • A hotplate (INDUCTION, buy the right frying pan!)  
  • A bed in which to collapse after dancing to the best Caribbean sounds  
  • A bathroom (yeah, even pirates sometimes take showers
  • A cupboard with a wardrobe Shelves on the walls  
  • A beautiful desk on which you can practise drawing the most beautiful maps.  

Oh right! Essential information! The toilets are…on the deck (it means in the hallway).  

By the way, here’s how it will look like when you arrive: 


The crew is kind this year and gives you access to one of their most beautiful treasures: a list of things you need to have in order to survive in your future cabin.  

  • Clothesline and laundry detergent  
  • Dishes and washing-up liquid, which you will do in your bathroom sink (no worries, we get used to it). PS: don’t take too much, you will eat most of your dinners and lunches at the INSA restaurant. 
  • Whatever you need to clean your turne  
  • Something to furnish your wonderful bed: you only get the mattress and a pillow.  
  • Things to decorate (this year it was the LED sticker race)  
  • Storage boxes to put under your bed (it measures 190x80x25 cm)  
    • 3 IKEA Sockerbit 50x77x19 cm boxes for the examples in the tidying  
    • 2 IKEA Skubb boxes 93x55x19cm 
  • Baskets to hang on the shelves  
  • IKEA’s observatör are perfect for this (I promise we didn’t get paid to say this)  
  • A bedside lamp (The Moon is rarely enough to light your work)  
  • Hangers 
  • Ethernet cable and power strip 

The Less Essentials

  • A super stylish office chair (cause it’s much more comfortable)  
  • A microwave (cause it’s better to eat hot)  
  • A kettle  
  • A coffeemaker (if you don’t mind going to the A Point every morning).  
  • A giant Mega Teddy bear to keep you company after a failed IE (don’t overdo it, there’s only 16m2 we told you)  
  • Posters and paste to fix (good luck to make them fit)  
  • Pictures of your friends  
  • Your cuddly toy  
  • Post-it notes in all colours (you’ll soon understand why) 
  • A pair of special shoes for the inté: we’re not talking about high heels but rather the Kalenjis you haven’t worn for 2 years (you have to be ready to put your feet in the mud).  
  • Your biggest speaker: you’re always better off with good sound.