You left your family, your house and your goat to come to INSA. You find yourself alone in front of a crowd of 2As who haven’t seen each other since March (#ThanksCorona), so here they’re actually more like crazy people out of the asylum, but you’ll have to deal with it. As we were in the same case as you last year, we know you’re looking for people who are cool and looking forward to meeting some new friends. Don’t worry, if you’ve answered the questionnaire correctly (wallah do it or you’ll regret it) (I give you the link again cause I’m nice) METTRE LIEN, you’ll find your family chilling at most slumped on the PC, it’s simple you’ll see them and then they’ll take care of you, nothing mean, they won’t eat you. They’re going to take you to do the chaîne d’inté where you’re going to start bonding with the people in your mif (short for family) and you’re going to get some big laughs.

At INSA, family is like at Hogwarts: you’d do anything for them, and they’d do anything for you, you’ll soon find out during the inté (I can already see the drops of sweat on your forehead). But they’re also your first mates and the people you’ll eat with every evening. You’ll share a lot of stuff, you might even find them in an AS with you, but they’re also good partners to spend a good time before going to the K-Fêt and hit your best pogos. So, you have to get along with them, in order for everything to go well. And in the case the questionnaire was wrongly interpreted and you don’t feel comfortable in your family: no problem! You can change family and parrain/marraine. It’s called being “racheté” (= redeemed) and it’s quite common (especially during the inté). 

Your Parrain or your Marraine

You’ve been waiting for him, you’ve been dreaming about him, at the inté you’ll finally meet him (or her of course)… I’m talking of course about your parrain/marraine!! But then, what exactly is a parrain or marraine? (In the following, we will use the masculine gender to lighten the reading). 

To begin with, youll be contacted by your future parrain a few days before the beginning of the school year so that you can get to know each other. (That’s also when you can start to stalk him 😏). 

On the day you arrive on campus, this is probably one of the first people you will meet, along with your family. You’ll see, it’s magical! You’re going to get along right away and you know why? Because he’ll have chosen you thanks to the great questionnaire you’ll have filled in, so you’ll be made to get along. If your parrain is a CdP or a family resp, a second extremely important person will come into your life, your cobiz. Most often a girl and a boy (kiss to Ethan 😘), you’ll become BFFs (or maybe more). You, your parrain, and your cobiz, if you have one, will form what is called a lignée, the equivalent of your new little family at INSA 💗. This lignée also includes all the previous generations, which means that there are some up to the parrain of the marraine of the marraine of the marraine of the marraine of the parrain of the marraine of the marraine of your parrain… of your parrain. In short, enough to make K-lité lignée meals. 

During the inté, since you will spend a lot of time with your family for the different activities, you will see your parrain absolutely all the time (so much luck!). But don’t worry! You will still see each other almost as much after the inté and this is even the best part. He will always be there for you. His role is to advise you, guide you, explain to you how the school works, and give you tips on how to spend the best years of your life, but also to help you discover all the life joys outside the studies! You will have the opportunity to meet throughout the year at family meals every evening, at family apéros, at the K-Fêt, to go out in Lyon, at lignée meals or even at the library to work together! In short, you will never leave each other again.  

However, sometimes there are small mistakes when assigning parrains, again, don’t panic! If the current doesn’t go so well between you, you will always have the possibility to find another parrain who will automatically assign you to your new family (his), it’s called being “racheté“.