Your Family

You have left everything behind to come to INSA, you are now facing a crowd of strangers and you are wondering how you are going to cope? Don’t worry, you’ll soon meet a lot of cool kids to spend your year with! To do this, fill in and send the Mentoring Questionnaire (aka the starter, and this is really important). This one will allow your favorite CdP to assign you a family and a mentor, with whom you will have fun during inté (and all year after).

What is a miff?

At INSA, as in Pokémon gyms, everyone has their own family, their own training group for INSA. Well, there are only 25 of them, so there’s something for everyone! Your family will be there as soon as you arrive on campus, they will be the first people you will meet. You will quickly realize that you could do anything for them and vice versa! You will spend the inté with your miff, and then during the year you will spend the evening meals together. Afterwards, don’t panic, if after a few days you have the impression that the current doesn’t go very well with the family that was assigned to you, you can change. This is called being redeemed and it is quite common.

You’re going to run into these logos a lot!

Your mentor :

You have been waiting for him/her, you have been dreaming about him/her, and now you are finally going to meet him/her… I am talking about your mentor of course! But then, what exactly is a mentor ? (In the following, we will use the masculine gender to lighten the reading).   

To begin with, you will be contacted by your future mentor a few days before the beginning of the school year in order to get to know each other. (This is also when you will be able to start stalking him/her). 

He will be the first person you meet on the day of your arrival and he can introduce you to your family afterwards.  You will immediately get along well and you know why? Because he will have chosen you thanks to the great questionnaire you will have filled out, so you will be made to get along. If your sponsor is a CdP or a family manager, a second extremely important person will enter your life, your cobiz. Most often a girl and a boy, you will become the best friends of the world (or more if affinity). You, your mentor, and your cobiz, if you have one, will form what is called a lineage, the equivalent of your new little family at INSA <3. This also includes all the previous generations, which means that there are lineages going all the way back to the mentor of the mentor of… In short, enough to make K-lite lineage meals.  


He will always be there for you. His role is to advise you, guide you, explain how the school works, and give you little tips to have the best year ever, but also to help you discover all the happiness of life around the classes! You will have the opportunity to meet throughout the year at family dinners every evening, at family aperitifs, at the K-Fêt, to go out in Lyon, at lineage meals or even at the library to work together! In short, you will never leave each other.

However, it happens that there are small mistakes when assigning mentors, once again, don’t panic! If things don’t go so well between you, you can always find another mentor who will automatically assign you to your new family (his or her own), this is called being redeemed.