Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the Black Pearl.  

1st rule of the Black Pearl: it is strictly forbidden to talk about the Black Pearl.  

2nd rule of the Black Pearl: it is strictly FORBIDDEN to talk about the Black Pearl.  

Last but not least, if it’s you’re first year aboard the Black Pearl, you HAVE to read this website ENTIRELY!

Enough joking!!!! So, what to do now? It’s nice you’ve survived your admission, the construction of your file and so on (say Byzance to your interview #ThanksCorona). Congratulations on your admission as a newbie, but it’s not over yet! The best is yet to come. Don’t worry, we’ve got a little treasure hunt planned for you until you arrive on the island. 


Quickly join the Facebook group “INSA Lyon – 64e promo” to ask us all of your questions and react to the ones of the other new pirates! It’s really important, your integration starts right here and a lot of essential informations will circulate! 

I see you, the anti-technology pirates, and let me reassure you: this group is very active all year long, whether it’s for lost items on campus, the announcement of various events that animate the campus, night and day, all year long and more.

So, what are you waiting for?  

During Summer

Fill out the questionnaire so that we can help you find your loyal captain as soon as you arrive ashore (parrain that will act like a mentor) . You will then be automatically assigned to your new family.

Sign up for the WEI (aka future best weekend of your life, even in the rain…) and buy your VA card* LINK to benefit from INSA promotions. Be careful, hurry up because places at the WEI are limited!  

*VA Card: more info on the link/button below

Don’t forget to gather all the necessary documents for your arrival at INSA! 

Arrival at ’INSA :

Check all the infos you have received from to forget nothing. We don’t know yet how it is going to happen, there will be more infos soon.