Your room

Hey buddy! I guess you’ll want to know more about where you’ll be sleeping in your future life as a Pokémon trainer!  Let me tell you about it, first of all you’ll be able to stay in several buildings all located on the campus: 

Building A:

This is the residence of the first year trainers. On the 5th floor, depending on the year, you can find lucky trainers or completely empty rooms… The only building offering a superb view on the PC and the course buildings, as it is right next door. It’s quite convenient to leave home at 7.58am and still be on time for your class. On the ground floor, you can find the pastries and hot chocolate of point A. 

Exterior photo of B (A looks very similar)

Building B:

This is where the young trainers will live, but also a dreaded place: Team Rocket sometimes plays tricks there. On one side, you’ll have a view on a cemetery, on the other side on the tram line, in both cases it’s great… Don’t worry, in fact we sleep well there. You’ll see, it’s really cool, you’re with all your friends in the same building so there’s a great atmosphere. The laundry is also in this building. 

Buildings C/D:

This is the 2A’s home, wizards who survived Hogwarts. You too win your fights and raids, it’s worth fighting for: a room with 10 m² more, a big bathroom with its own toilet, a sink in a real small kitchen… The dream. On the other hand, it’s at the other end of the campus, much less convenient to get to class in 2 minutes. Be prepared to go back and forth for your line meals.

This is what the C looks like (the D is also the same)

Building E:

If your room is at the E, it means you’re a cardio champion, because it’s the sport’étude’s bat! You’re lucky, the romes are really cool. You have two types of rooms: a single and a double, each with a desk, chair, bed, cupboard and if you’re a lucky boy, a balcony for your best breakfast in the sun. There’s also a bathroom, toilet, kitchen/entrance with hob and even a sink (an A and B trainer’s dream). You’ll be in the middle of the campus, so not far from everything but close to nothing (but you’ll run fast). Well, you’re next to the K-Fêt and that’s good for the end of the evening.

Presentation of the room : 

As you’re new to the trainer school, don’t expect to live in the most luxurious of rooms, but it’s always more comfortable than the pokeball you inflict on your salamander. Anyway, here’s the basis to start your adventure: your turne! 16m² for two people for a whole year, it can be scary, but I assure you that you get used to it quickly and that you feel at home very quickly. You will find a 360° photo on the INSA virtual tour.

To make you feel welcome, Sacha offers you a few things in your bag:

  • A fridge
  • A hotplate (AN INDUCTION ONE, buy the right pan!)
  • A bed (80×190cm) to collapse into after a hard fight with Team Rocket
  • A bathroom with a sink (which also serves as a sink) and a shower
  • A wardrobe with a wardrobe Lots of shelves on the walls (some are 25 cm wide and others 40 cm)
  • A desk to study your pokedex

Another little clarification: the toilets are not in the room but… in the corridor (you quickly get used to it too). 

Great representation of your future home

With a video it’s more meaningful!

The essentials :

As we are kind, we don’t let you arrive with only your backpack and your cap and give you a list of things to have to feel at your best in your room.  

  • Clothesline and washing powder
  • Dishes and washing-up liquid… in the bathroom sink (don’t worry, you’ll get used to it). PS: don’t take too much, you’ll be eating almost every lunch and evening at the RI.
  • Something to clean your room
  • Something to fill your bed: only the mattress is already there
  • Toiletries
  • Decorations (some pictures of your pokemons, LEDs, …)
  • Containers under the bed (it measures 190×80×25): For storage examples we recommend ;
    • Three IKEA Sockerbit boxes 50x77x19 cm
    • Two Skubb boxes 93x55x19 cm
    • Baskets to hang on the shelves: IKEA’s observatör are perfect for this (I promise we weren’t paid to say this)
  • Hangers
  • A bedside lamp (because your pikachu isn’t going to spend the whole evening lighting you up, is it?)
  • Ethernet cable and power strip(s)

The least essential :

  • A comfortable office chair (wooden chairs are less cool)
  • A microwave (it’s more fun to eat hot)
  • A kettle
  • A coffee maker (if you’re too lazy to go to point A every morning)
  • Your anti-depression kit after a failed IE (don’t forget your blanket)
  • Posters and masking tape (good luck getting them to stick them in the A)
  • Post-its of all colours (you’ll soon understand why)
  • A pair of special evening shoes (comfortable, safe, not high heels): very important if you don’t want to spend your weekend cleaning your beautiful white shoes
  • Earplugs (they can always be used)
  • Your speaker to play your best songs with your coturne

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        We hope we’ve sold you a dream and that you’re looking forward to settling into your trainer’s den for a year. If you’re still hesitating, we strongly recommend the INSA residences, all the trainers have been there and we all have great memories (and anecdotes). You’ll see you’ll like it!